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Do you really understand the cutting efficiency of nc lathe?

by:SNK     2020-09-01
Do you really understand the cutting efficiency of nc lathe? Release date: 2018 09 - 30 clicks: 3395 times you really understand the cutting efficiency of nc lathe? CNC lathe has extensive processing performance, can be processed inside and outside the cylinder, conical surface, circular arc surface and all kinds of screw thread, trough, worm and other complex process, with a straight line interpolation, arc interpolation various compensation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic benefits. Numerical control lathe in selecting cutting quantity, must fully consider the various factors influencing the cutting, the right choice cutting condition, to determine the reasonable cutting quantity, can effectively improve the machining quality and production. General influence the efficiency of the numerical control lathe cutting conditions include: machine tool lathe bed, cutting tool and workpiece rigid; Cutting speed, cutting depth and cutting feed rate; Precision of the workpiece and the surface roughness; Tool life expectancy and maximum productivity; The types of cutting fluid, cooling way; The hardness of workpiece material and heat treatment condition; The number of the workpiece and the machine tool life. The numerical control lathe cutting speed directly affects the cutting efficiency. If cutting speed is too small, the cutting time will lengthen, the cutting tool cannot play its function; If the cutting speed is too fast, while it is possible to shorten the cutting time, but the tool is easy to produce high fever, influence the tool life. Numerical control lathe cutting efficiency will be affected by man-made factors, the influence of environmental factors and the machine itself. Cutting quantity under the analysis of many factors and the influence of the cutting tools for CNC lathe with: the rational cutting parameter can improve the efficiency of CNC numerical control lathe. When 10 times higher cutting speed, feed speed increased by 20 times, far beyond the traditional cutting area, cutting mechanism of fundamental changes have taken place. The result is: the metal removal rate increased by 30% - of unit power 40%, cutting force was reduced by 30%, cutting tool life is increased by 70%, greatly reduces the left on the workpiece cutting heat, cutting vibration is almost disappear; Cutting the essential leap. According to the current CNC numerical control lathe, increase per tooth feeding, increase productivity and tool life. Tool in CNC lathe as the role of wheels for cars. Manufacturing tool material must have a high temperature hardness and wear resistance, the necessary bending strength, impact toughness, and chemical inertness, good manufacturability, Machining, forging and heat treatment, etc. ) And out of shape not easily. A good tool to improve the efficiency of machining and the cutting precision of the workpiece. The rest of the factors such as power supply, familiar with the operation, with makings reasonable factors will affect the numerical control lathe machining.
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