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DNC system security protection mechanism of nc lathe

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Numerical control lathe of DNC system security protection mechanism on release date: 2017 - 07 - 20 clicks: 2747 DNC system manufacturing industry gradually from closed to open, and numerical control lathe networking operation has become a trend, how to ensure that the numerical control lathe DNC network running security and data security, has been before us, to actively respond to research, design, construction and numerical control lathe DNC system security protection mechanism, safety protection to meet the increasing demand. Nc lathe DNC system overview: 1, the DNC system basic composition DNC system usually includes the following five parts: basic DNC control computer ( Including large capacity memory and I/O interface) ; Data communication system ( Through the communication media for data transfer) ; DNC interface ( Including RS - 232、RS- 485年,RJ - 45, etc. ) ; NC or CNC device ( Numerical control lathe, including CNC cutting machine, CNC punching machine, intelligent integrated machine, etc. ) ; The software system ( Including real-time multitasking operating system, software of DNC communication, DNC management and monitoring software and NC program editing software, etc. Sometimes the database management system, graphic input and editing software, tool path simulation and DNC interface management software, etc. ) 。 Because many kinds of form, the DNC system size and complexity of the system is also each are not identical. DNC system can be so small that only a DNC host control many sets of CNC lathe can also be great to include cell layer, layer and the factory workshop. So specific DNC system according to the requirements to achieve goals and specific conditions to decide. DNC system and manufacturing execution system (usually MES) Close cooperation, in order to realize the integrated management of the production process. 2, risk analysis of DNC system for DNC system, common security risks mainly include: CNC lathe itself safe hidden trouble. Their own vulnerability, the hidden trouble of the backdoor will lead to leak. The hidden trouble of the machine, server, external storage management. Import the data CD/USB external storage devices will bring malicious Trojan/virus invades, the risk of leaks. Excessive and wrong operation. Management machine, the server stealing login permissions, wrong operation, the behavior will bring potential safety hazard. Numerical control lathe malicious outgoing data hidden dangers. High-end CNC lathe is a virus or bring back a backdoor directly by modifying the processing code hidden channels carry the risk of data outgoing instructions, once this instruction exist, when the network connectivity will carries the risk of data were leaked. Design network and production network between different categories, the network will exist after low net to high-density network transfer the risk of viruses or malicious code.
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