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Discuss about nc vertical lathe machining efficiency

by:SNK     2020-08-30
About nc vertical lathe machining efficiency to explore release date: 2018 - 03 - 12 clicks: 2309 times on improve the efficiency of the nc vertical lathe, vertical lathe machining tell operation is just a means of a. At the end of the last century high-speed vertical lathe processing equipment needed for linear motor, electric spindle, cutting tool durability made some technological breakthrough, makes the rapidly developed high-speed vertical lathe processing today. However, for those of us in our modern, in fact, there is another direction to vertical lathe processing, that is by improving the machine power or increase the cutting tool load method, to improve the material removal rate, we call it & other; Strong cutting & throughout; ; Machine tool power of ascension is not a big problem, the durability of rigidity of machine tool structure and tool is one of the biggest bottleneck. If we can in the limited conditions, through the machine tool structure design optimization, reasonable cutting tool selection and optimization of process, give full play to the performance of the machine tool, also can effectively improve the efficiency of processing, it is also the most economic and effective method. Composite processing is the way to the processing of CNC vertical lathe a development direction of the road, so the most common car milling compound machining, boring and milling machining, in theory, this method can save much more time and simplify the process equipment process, which is currently we one of the effective methods to improve the product quality and production efficiency. Just for some small businesses, the price of such equipment is on the high side. Several ways mentioned above are in order to improve the efficiency of the vertical lathe processing, in fact, improve the efficiency of the vertical lathe processing equipment applications, not just in the knife measuring tool, jig applications, can also find the method of improving efficiency. In these methods applied in the field of machining, collectively called them & other; Efficient processing & throughout; 。 To improve the work efficiency of CNC vertical lathe, without daily maintenance: in the daily succession before and after 10 minutes, 1 hour over the weekend, performed by the operator, staff to check. Before work: check hand-over the documentaries; In strict accordance with the equipment & quot; The lubrication chart & quot; Designated for refueling, accomplish timing, quantitative and qualitative; More than 8 hours of downtime equipment, when not to start the equipment, to transfer to 3 - low first 5 minutes, confirm the lubrication system was clear, each part is normal operation, can begin to work. Work: check each part of the equipment operation and often lubrication system working condition, if have abnormal situation, immediately notify the inspection staff. ; The guideway and the guard placement tool, workpiece, and metal items and foot are strictly prohibited. After work: erase the guide surface of iron and cooling fluid, there is no black oil of screw, light bars. ; Cleaning the iron filings, sundry around the equipment. ; Really fill in succession on-site equipment.
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