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Detailed numerical control car parking troubleshooting ideas

by:SNK     2020-09-02
Detailed interpretation of the nc vertical lathe parking troubleshooting ideas release date: 2018 - 06 - 20 clicks: 3262 times in detail parking troubleshooting ideas of CNC vertical lathe CNC vertical lathe axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, a large diameter circular table, used for clamping workpieces. This kind of machine is mainly used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small large, complex parts. CNC vertical lathe parking fault phenomenon: CNC vertical lathe when parking a loud sounds, workshop total power trip at the same time. Electrician first check the workshop inspection on power supply system, the automatic air circuit breaker tripping in place, switch by the damp environment automatic tripping linkage has corrosion inside the box, the other three phase contact point only a small fraction of one phase contact will contact. The second workshop of power supply transformer capacity is small, overload operation. The normal phase voltage is 340 v. The last nc vertical lathe a thyristor has been burnt, check the drive circuit, trigger short, only a quarter of the normal trigger pulse amplitude, further verify the amplifier tube in trigger circuit performance is bad. Failure analysis: thyristor rectifier in a state of lack and inverter in the state of lack of phase results are different. In rectifier state always thyristor trigger potential is higher, at the same time make the previous phase thyristor inverting voltage and shut off. During thyristor turn-off is given priority to with reverse phase blocking state. Even after a thyristor trigger, and thyristor at a certain moment will automatically shut off because of the zero. But if it is in the park when slow down, that is, under the condition of the inverter, also trigger the thyristor conduction of high potential, and make the former a thyristor to withstand back pressure and shut off, at this time of thyristor in turn off there is a long time in the forward blocking state. If so, after a thyristor conduction, not due to the effect of discharge of the inductor, make the thyristor continue conducting a cycle and into the positive half cycle, thyristor will continue the conduction block at the back of the thyristor conduction at the same time. So, thyristor output forward voltage and motor produce very big electric current electric potential superposition, then produce inverter, namely light burn out the fuse, or burn the thyristor. If the voltage of power supply system is normal, nc vertical lathe workshop no big fluctuations, may not burn thyristor. Ac power grid voltage fluctuation is large, workshop transformer capacity is small, the overload operation, plus phase B is the set of trigger pulse amplitude is small, and the damage of the total power supply system switch box and other comprehensive reasons caused the failure. Methods: 1. Replace the automatic air circuit breaker; 2. Replace the new thyristor.
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