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Deburring nc vertical lathe machining parts

by:SNK     2020-08-27
CNC vertical lathe machining parts how deburring release date: 2018 - 04 - 08 clicks: how 2404 nc vertical lathe machining parts deburring nc vertical lathe is suitable for the industries of machinery processing, can be used in the outer cylinder, circular d surface, end, grooving and cutting off the coarse and fine turning processing. Workbench using hydrostatic guideway, spindle radial bearings with high precision, high rotary precision bearing capacity is big. Guide rail sliding surface using plastic processing, improve the wear resistance. Centralized guide rail lubricating oil, is very convenient. Machine tool castings with high quality mold resin sand casting, casting quality is high, the aging treatment, durable. CNC vertical lathe processing parts deburring processing: & middot; Chemical deburring put clean metal parts in chemical solutions ( 50℃) Metal parts surface will be in the form of ions in the solution. These ions gathered at the surface, the chemical reaction to form a layer of resistance is big, small conductivity of mucous membrane, protect the surface from corrosion, and burr at the surface, burr chemistry will be removed. Processing, as long as a trough. According to different deburring workpiece materials, the use of different chemical solutions. Main ingredients can be hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid two aniline and water, etc. , according to the proportion. Chemical deburring is suitable for the small metal parts, can remove the thickness less than 0. 07 mm small burrs. · High temperature deburring will need to first deburring parts on the fastening sealing indoor, and then into a certain pressure of hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, after the spark plug, mixed gas instantaneous explosion, release a large amount of heat, the instantaneous temperature above 3300 ℃. Due to blast a very short time, parts of burr is burnt, and the rest of the parts can not afford time to change. Exploded, high pressure gas pervasive, all parts of the inner hole, cross hole, slot, deep hole burrs can be burned. Need to have special high temperature deburring machine tools. This method deburring is applicable to any structure in the shape of a metal, plastic, rubber parts, especially complex shape parts and also difficult to remove by hand burr. Operation process, the nc vertical lathe according to the different parts of materials to choose the appropriate hydrogen mixing ratio, steel, alloy steel, copper is not sensitive to mixture, hydrogen and oxygen mixture ratio in 2:1 ~ 2:2, aluminum alloy slightly more than 2:1. Second is to choose the inflation pressure, generally speaking, steel, alloy steel high inflation pressure, brass, aluminum alloy is lower. Parts before deburring, must be cleaned and dried; After deburring, and processing in the phosphoric acid mixture, remove the oxide film. · Roll grinding deburring put a percentage of artifacts and abrasive in the closed roller, in the process of roller rotation, the generation between parts and abrasive, components and parts grinding, deburring. Roll grinding deburring equipment have special deburring machine and centrifugal cast rolling machine. Abrasive available, dolomite, quartz sand, sawdust, alumina, ceramics, silicon carbide, metal ring, etc. According to the parts of material, shape and size and burr and size.
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