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Composition and the requirements of CNC machine tool servo system

by:SNK     2020-09-04
CNC machine tool servo system composition and the requirements of the release date: 2019 - 07 - Author: 08 small make up click: a. CNC machine tool servo system of nc machine tool servo system is composed of servo circuit, servo drive device, mechanical transmission mechanism and implement of parts. It accept the numerical control system of feed speed and displacement signals, servo drive circuit for certain transformation and power amplification, the servo drive unit ( Stepper motor, dc servo motor, ac servo motor, etc. ) And mechanical drive mechanism, and drive the machine workbench, executive components, such as spindle heads implementation work feed and fast moving. CNC unit is the 'brain' nc machine tools will command, and servo system of nc machine tool 'limbs', is a kind of actuator, it can accurately perform motion instructions from the CNC devices. Servo system of nc machine tool and general machine drive system has essential difference, it can perform component according to the instruction signal accurately control the speed and position, and several operating components according to certain rules of synthesis of movement trajectory. two The requirement to the servo system of the servo system has the following requirements 1. High precision. Nc machine tool according to the scheduled program, automatically processing. Therefore, to work out of the high precision, high quality of artifacts, servo system itself should have a high accuracy, general level to reach microns. 2. Fast response. Quick response is one of the symbols of servo system dynamic quality. It requires the following instruction signal following error is small, fast response and requirements, stability is good. After a given input, requiring system can achieve in a short time or restore the original steady state, is in commonly 200 ms, or even tens of milliseconds. 3. Large range of speed regulation. Because of the cutting tool, workpiece material and different processing requirements, to ensure the nc machine tools are in any case can get optimum cutting conditions, servo system, you must have enough speed range, both can satisfy the requirement of high speed machining, and can satisfy the requirement of low speed feed. 4. High reliability. CNC machine tools to start the rate is very high, often is 24 hours of continuous work, and requires its work is reliable. System reliability of failure on the basis of the average time interval length, namely, mean time between failures, the longer, the better. 5. When low speed torque. Nc machine tools is often heavy cutting at low speed, therefore, demand of feed servo system at low speed large torque output, in order to meet the requirements of machining.
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