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Comparing different with respect to the manner of knife slant bed CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-25
Slant bed CNC lathe release time: comparing different with respect to the manner of knife - 2019 11 - 27 clicks: 385 times to different slant bed CNC lathe knife is slant bed CNC lathe programming in the process of operation, understand the principle of knife is very important. It better for us to understand the processing principle of machine tool, and in the process of handling change size deviation has a lot of help. In view of the slant bed CNC lathe for knife basically has the following two methods: u try to try cutting and cutting method for cutting knife is one of the practical application in most of knife method. Workpiece and tool clamping end, drive shaft rotation, moving head to try to cut a cylindrical workpiece. Then move the x coordinate unchanged z axis tool workpiece, measure the current and the diameter of the cylindrical. The input to the corresponding tool parameters of the blade length, the system will automatically with the current x coordinate tool minus the trial cut out of the outside diameter, namely the position of the workpiece coordinate system origin x. Mobile tool again try cutting the workpiece end face, in the corresponding cutting tool parameter in the wide input z0, system will automatically cutting tool at this time of the z coordinate subtract the number in just input, quick workpiece coordinate system z position of the origin. For example, 2 # tool rest in x for 150. 0 car out of the circle diameter is 25. 0, the origin of x programs that use the cutting when the cutting tool value is 150. 0 - 25. 0 = 125. 0; Rest in z for 180. 0 when cutting face of 0, then use the cutting when the cutting tool program origin z value is 180. 0 - 0 = 180. 0. Respectively ( 125. 0180. 0) Deposit to 2 # cutter blade length in the x and z parameters, using t0202 can succeed in the program to work piece coordinate system is established. In fact, to find the workpiece origin position in machine coordinate system is not the actual location of the point, but looking for a point o 'clock ( 0, 0) The location of the head. Don't usually use standard knife in this way, before processing will need to have to use a knife tool all for good. Taken the instrument against the knife on the art of using saber is now a lot of slant bed CNC lathe is equipped with the knife device, use the knife to knife produced by the measurement error can be avoided, greatly improve the accuracy. Due to the use of knife device can automatically calculate the knife knife with a knife, the difference between the deposit and its system, just when I was in other parts of the processing of standard knife, thus greatly save the time. Need to be aware of is the use of knife instrument of knife is generally equipped with standard tools, on the first of standard knife knife. Point along with the rest to have set a good location of the position of knife instrument testing point and with the contact, until the internal circuit through to send electrical signals. In fact, only in the operation of good x zero and the standard of the cutting tool relative to the knife in the x direction and z direction difference, again to z zero when the replacement of workpiece machining. Due to knife instrument position in machine coordinate system is always certain, so after the replacement of artifacts, only need to use standard knife to z coordinate origin. Operation is about function of z axis measurement button & other; z - axisshiftmeasure” Manually moving head x and z axis, the standard tool to the right end, close to the workpiece z try cutting the workpiece end face, press & other; positionrecorder” Button, the system will automatically record the tool cutting point to the location of the z in the workpiece coordinate system, and other tools and standard knife in the z direction of the difference and the value added to get the corresponding tool z origin, its numerical display on picture workshift work.
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