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CNC vertical lathe work frame maintenance train of thought

by:SNK     2020-09-01
CNC vertical lathe work frame maintenance train of thought to explore release date: 2020 - 05 - 14 clicks: 162 nc vertical lathe in deep hole processing, because of difficult to read scale measurement, often caused by the production efficiency is not high and the increased amount of waste, carry out the reform of the machine tool in recent years, some after equipped with digital display ruler, machine tool working efficiency and qualified rate increased significantly, so has finished the improvement in the structure design, to give full expression to the application of economic value and function of the technology. CNC vertical lathe on the processed products in the process of the ring plane, a serious phenomenon with the sword. The analysis is the butcher ball screw and nut gap caused by. The ball screw pair of clamping between chuck and tailstock's top, nut on knife rest, rotating chuck, with a dial indicator to detect the lead screw and nut forward and reverse rotation when the clearance value. Make special washers instead of the original double nut adjustable gap washer, tighten bolts, the screw and nut gap is zero, at this time into block gauge, thickness values can be calculated beforehand washer. Twice the determination results comparison, to determine the clearance value of new produce, plus the original gasket thickness adjustment. Production of ball screw ball sleeve assembly process, to ensure that the screw in and out of the nut assembly, keeping the ball raceway in way of key equipment. Shoulder through trial produced to meet the requirements of ball bearing sleeve. Roll to the double nut fills in the tiny ball, the ball by homemade tools to the narrow spiral roll canals, and stick to grease, to prevent loss. Scraping the inquiry square ram static pressure plate, strip, with the square ram to match the specified spacing. Ball screw assembly and comprehensive adjustment is the key work, tool post maintenance use wrench gyration screw, screw and nut gap value is measured with a dial indicator, according to the requirements between the screw and nut pre-tightening force, fine adjustment gasket thickness, mat copper sheet, make the screw and nut at interference amount specified. In order to enhance the driving rigidity of lead screw, reasonable combination bearings on both ends of the fastening screw, according to the vertical load calculation and the original instructions given value, with a dial indicator monitoring, adjust the combination by axial tensile standard bearings. Well after debugging, mobile ram, down to normal, rise, the phenomenon of the motor with fixed. Test the servo motor current, the rating. By the analysis of problems should be on each clearance, may be a large amount of the lead screw and nut interference, screw tight combination bearing. Remove after add copper, eliminate the interference of the screw and nut. Readjust composite bearing pre-tightening force on both ends of the screw, twisted screw, the nut on the whole running smoothly, without resistance. It has been verified by test of cutting and cutting with actual product, precision of the nc vertical lathe work frame cutting machine design requirements.
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