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CNC vertical lathe, vertical lathe technology which trend towards?

by:SNK     2020-09-02
CNC vertical lathe, vertical lathe technology which trend towards? Release date: 2020 03 - 25 clicks: 214 times feature specification should include the type of the CNC vertical lathe, machine specifications and machine main motor power, etc. In determining the process content under the premise of model selection is more clear. CNC vertical lathe has developed into many varieties, wide selection of products available, in the model selection should be the premise of meeting the process requirement as simple as possible. Turning center and nc lathe can be machining axial parts, but a satisfied processing same specifications of the prices are more expensive than numerical control lathe turning center several times, if there is no further process requirement, should choose CNC lathe is reasonable. CNC vertical lathe technology today is moving toward & other; The Internet of things, intelligent, automation & throughout; The trend of development. Our vertical lathe in these three aspects is still in its infancy. So the vertical lathe enterprise research from these three aspects to start. - - - - - - Content LianWangHua made car industry in China at present just in numerical control a breakthrough on the road, but want to further improve the processing power and reduce the cost, would require the Internet of things technology. The use of Internet of things technology can bring huge possibility to make car industry. Iot technology should be based on & other; High precision, high power, high function & throughout; In the high-end car. Ordinary vertical lathe even choose Internet skills, about meant little quality efficiency. - There were many intelligent nc vertical lathe the embodiment of the intelligent, such as the use of process software, has to communicate with people's performance, can carry on the processing navigation, to the work environment perception and compensation, intelligent protection and so on. Vertical lathe more tend to be more intelligent, its production process will be more simple, all this is making the trend of professional conduct. China also have this aspect of the test, such as gantry milling machining center, gantry high speed and high precision machining center, etc. , all have the perception of cutting force change and adaptive control function, these are all smart skills in the use of the car. Now set upon the path of intelligent car enterprises to carry out is not enough in-depth, skill levels are shortage, on the whole still have very big development space. - Level of automation in manufacturing in China at present to establish intelligent large-scale factory difficulty is higher, but in use some automation equipment is still possible. So vertical lathe enterprise needs to strengthen automation produce of adaptation, on the one hand in itself yield increase the use of automation equipment. On the other hand, need to strengthen the vertical lathe with robots and other automation equipment, the downstream enterprises supply provide more lucrative automation solutions.
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