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CNC vertical lathe 'return' to teach experience!

by:SNK     2020-08-24
CNC vertical lathe 'return' to teach experience! Release date: 2019 09 - 20 clicks: 451 times compared with common machine tool nc vertical lathe is the most special is its control mode, in some of the large CNC vertical to the accuracy requirement is higher car, use is all closed loop nc system. Although it might seem a little complicated to name, in fact is a kind of get from the moving parts of machine tool position by moving the actual value. Because it is directly obtained, so its accuracy is not affected by the precision of mechanical transmission. Today we are going to introduce from a nc vertical lathe & other; Return & throughout; Operation experience sharing: for processing parts changed frequently and restricted condition of the factory, so you need to programming, the knife, commissioning and complete parts processing, to sum up skills are divided into the following: one, the programming skills of processing product precision demand is higher, when programming considerations are: 1. Bored after the first parts of the processing sequence flat side ( This is to prevent the borehole shrinkage material) ; Coarse car first, then finish turning ( This is to ensure accuracy of parts) ; Machining tolerance first big final machining tolerance little ( This is to ensure that small tolerance size surface scratches and prevent deformation of parts) 。 2. According to the material hardness, choose reasonable speed, feed and cutting depth (1) carbon steel material choose high speed, high feed and cutting depth; (2) the hard alloy choice low speed, low feed and small cutting depth; (3) choose titanium alloy low speed, high feed, small cutting depth. 2, CNC vertical lathe knife skills into the knife into the knife instrument on the knife and directly on the knife. Most lathe instrument shall be the knife, the following call to knife skills for directly on the knife. To choose the right end face of parts center point of the knife, and is set to zero, after the machine back to the origin, every right end face of all the tools needed to parts center as the zero point of the knife; Input Z0 click measuring tool in contact with the right end, cutter knife repairing values will automatically record the measured values, which means that the Z axis to the knife to the good, X knife to try to cutting knife, with tool cart parts less, the cylindrical measuring cylindrical numerical input x20 by a car, click on the measurement, knife repairing value will automatically record the measured values, then the X axis for good; This knife method, even if the machine electricity, phone call after the restart still does not change the value of the knife, can be applied to mass produce the same parts for a long time, during which also do not need to shut down lathe knife. Three, debugging technique part is writing the program, to try to cut the debugging after the good dao, in order to prevent errors and mistakes of knife to appear on the program, cause the crash, we should travel simulation processing, advanced and unconstrained style in the department of the machine tool coordinate in the face of cutting tool to the right length of 2 - overall translational parts 3 times; Then start simulation processing, processing after complete the confirmation process and the knife is correct, then to start to machining of parts, after the completion of the first article parts processing, first self-check, confirm qualified, full-time inspection check again, said after confirm qualified full-time inspection end of commissioning. Four, the finished parts machining parts after completion of the first trial cut, be a batch production, but the first thing that is not equal to the whole batch of qualified parts will be qualified, because in the process of machining, due to the difference of processing material can make the cutting tool wear, processing of soft material, tool wear is small, hard processing material, tool wear is fast, so in the process of machining, to regular amount of regular inspection, timely repair value increase and decrease the knife, ensure that qualified parts. In machining tool wear very quickly, from start to finish, and has 10 - due to tool wear A degree of 20 mm, so, must be artificially to join 10 - in the program 20 mm a degree, so as to ensure parts are qualified.
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