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CNC vertical lathe old technology teaching experience for many years the quick to learn

by:SNK     2020-08-27
CNC vertical lathe for many years the old technology to teach experience quickly learn to release date: 2019 - 12 - 21 clicks: 301 times when we were in the use of CNC vertical lathe, more or less will have some problems, but beginners have a problem if you handle yourself, so today, we have decades of technical experience return to teach some hands-on experience, hope for your help. The following problems can handle in time. CNC vertical lathe lathe adopts mechanical and electrical integration of vertical structure, cover an area of an area small, compact overall layout is reasonable, installation, maintenance is convenient. Vertical clamping work, to avoid the horizontal because when the clamping workpiece roundness error caused by gravity and roundness accuracy of said parts. Vertical CNC lathe is suitable for processing all kinds of short axis class, plate class and parts of complex shape of medium and small batch, more suitable for precision, the amount of thumb size consistency demanding parts processing needs. Compared with common machine tool nc vertical lathe is the most special is its control mode, in some of the large CNC vertical to the accuracy requirement is higher car, use is all closed loop nc system. Although it might seem a little complicated to name, in fact is a kind of get from the moving parts of machine tool position by moving the actual value. Because it is directly obtained, so its accuracy is not affected by the precision of mechanical transmission. CNC vertical lathe when parking a loud sounds, workshop total power trip at the same time. Electrician first check the workshop inspection on power supply system, the automatic air circuit breaker tripping in place, switch by the damp environment automatic tripping linkage has corrosion inside the box, the other three phase contact point only a small fraction of one phase contact will contact. The second workshop of power supply transformer capacity is small, overload operation. May be because the thyristor encountered situation. If the voltage of power supply system is normal, nc vertical lathe workshop no big fluctuations, may not burn thyristor. Ac power grid voltage fluctuation is large, workshop transformer capacity is small, the overload operation, plus phase B is the set of trigger pulse amplitude is small, and the damage of the total power supply system switch box and other comprehensive reasons caused the failure. Methods: 1. Replace the automatic air circuit breaker; 2. Replace the new thyristor. 1 mode of the knife, to choose the right end face of parts center point of the knife, and is set to zero, the small economical nc vertical lathe after back to the origin, every right end face of all the tools needed to parts center as the zero point of the knife; 2, input Z0 click measuring tool comes into contact with the right end, cutter knife repairing inside value will automatically record the measured values, which means that the Z axis to the knife to the good, X knife to try to cutting knife, with less tool cart cylindrical parts, measured by a car x20 cylindrical numerical input, click on the measurement, knife repairing value will automatically record the measured values, then the X axis for good; Small economical nc vertical lathe this knife method, even if the machine electricity, phone call after the restart still does not change the value of the knife, can be applied to mass produce the same parts for a long time, during which also do not need to shut down lathe knife.
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