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CNC vertical lathe 'oil change items' you know?

by:SNK     2020-09-01
CNC vertical lathe 'oil change items' you know? Release date: 2019 09 - 26 clicks: 313 nc vertical lathe & other; Oil change & throughout; Items do you know? The use of the nc vertical lathe maintenance must be necessary, we should attach great importance to ideological nc vertical lathe maintenance and maintenance work, especially for the CNC vertical lathe operator should be so, we can't just operation, and ignore the daily maintenance and maintenance of machine tools. The use of the nc vertical lathe is bigger than the difficulty of using ordinary machine tool, CNC vertical lathe is a typical electromechanical integration products, it involves a wide range of knowledge, namely the operator should have machine, electricity, liquid, gas and other broader professional knowledge; Again, because of its electric control system of CNC system upgrade, the upgrade is faster, if not regularly attend professional theory training and study, are not fluent in the new CNC system applications. Therefore put forward to operating personnel's quality requirements are very high. Therefore, must carry on the training for CNC operators, make its principle, performance, lubrication part and way of nc machine tools, to systematically study and lay a foundation for better use of machine tools. In the use of the machine tool and management at the same time, develop a series of practical and effective measures. CNC vertical lathe needs an oil change service, because it is like your car, buy to return in the future must pay attention to the health mesa, let the dust and scrap iron could not enter orbit inside, in the future the harm is the precision variation and feel is heavier, heavy, hard to operate, so the early stage of the nc vertical lathe should oil change once a month, the next three months of the year in time, must be in the first three months of three times. CNC vertical lathe oil changed, numerical control lathe orbit impurities will be cut, it will follow the new oil into the tank inside, will not stay in orbit inside, will not scratch the orbit. CNC vertical lathe maintenance & other; Oil change & throughout; Items are as follows: 1. Check the lubrication oil surface height to ensure that the machine tool lubrication. 2. Check the cooling fluid in the cooling liquid enough, no increase in time. 3. Check the pneumatic triple oil surface height, about two-thirds full height of the tubing. Pneumatic triple daily moisture within a filter tank by the drainage discharge switch. 4. Check the air pressure, loosen adjusting knob, according to the right-hand pressurization, left-handed adjustment pressure relief principle, a general setting of 5 - 7kg/cm2。 Pressure switch is generally set to 5 kg/cm2, less than 5 kg/cm2 alarm, system & other; LOWAIRPRESSURE” After the alarm, pressure, alarm information. 5. Check the nc vertical lathe spindle taper hole air blowing is normal, with a clean cotton swab spindle taper hole, and spray on light oil.
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