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CNC vertical lathe manufacturer to introduce economical nc machine tool machine tool of ontology

by:SNK     2020-09-04
CNC vertical lathe factory introduction economical nc machine tool machine body of the release date: 2015 - 07 - 20 clicks: 3331 times of economical nc machine tool is a kind of high precision, high efficiency of automated processing equipment. In spite of the nc machine tool is expensive, one-time investment is huge, but still widely used for machinery manufacturers and achieved good economic benefits, the reason for this is that the numerical control machine tool to automation, high precision, high quality, efficiently solve the problem of medium and small batch processing. The development of numerical control technology, servo drive technology and application in machine tool, for numerical control machine tool automation, high precision, high efficiency provides the possibility, but will likely become a reality, you must request of nc machine tools to ensure that the mechanical structure with excellent characteristics. These features include the structure of the static stiffness, vibration resistance, thermal stability, low speed of movement and the movement of the friction characteristics, geometric accuracy and precision of transmission. Economical nc machine tool machine body is made up of the following parts: ( 1) Main drive system, its function is to achieve the main movement. ( 2) Feeding system, its function is to realize the feed movement. ( 3) Machine tool base, usually refers to the lathe bed, base, pillar, slide, workbench, etc. Its function is supporting the machine body zero, components, and make sure these parts and components in the machining process of precise location. ( 4) Some parts and some auxiliary function of the device, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling and protection, such as chip removal device. ( 5) Implementation artifacts of rotary, dividing positioning device and accessories, such as rotary table. ( 6) Knife library, rest, and automatic tool change device ( ATC) 。 ( 7) Automatic pallet switching device ( APC) 。 ( 8) Special function unit, such as tool breakage detection, precision testing and monitoring device, etc. Among them, a machine tool components, main transmission system, feed system and hydraulic, lubrication, cooling and other auxiliary equipment is constitute the basic components of nc machine tool machine tool of the ontology, according to the function of nc machine tools and other parts need to be chosen. Although the basic building blocks of CNC lathe machine ontology is quite similar with the traditional machine tool, but as a result of nc machine tools on the functional and performance requirements and the traditional machine tool there is a large gap, so the numerical control machine tool machine tool of ontology on the overall layout, structure, performance, and there are many obvious differences between the traditional machine tool, appeared a lot of to adapt to the characteristics of the nc machine tool function completely new mechanical structure and components. Related products: CNC vertical lathe
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