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CNC vertical lathe maintenance personnel need to see what information?

by:SNK     2020-08-23
CNC vertical lathe maintenance personnel need to see what information? Release date: 2016 11 - 01 clicks: 1, 2365 times to see nc data to understand all kinds of nc vertical lathe numerical control system and the characteristics of the PLC programmable controller and function; To understand the numerical control system of alarm and elimination method; To understand the meaning of the NC machine, PLC parameter setting. To understand the PLC programming language; To understand the CNC programming method; To understand the operation of the control panel and the contents of each menu; In order to understand the performance of the spindle and feeding motor and drive characteristics and so on. To highlight the main focus, clear context, focus on the basic parts of a CNC system and structure, control block diagram. The rest can be & other; Visit & throughout; And read, but each part to be focused understanding and grasp. Due to the complexity of the numerical control system internal wiring diagram, manufacturers are not provided. So don't need to understand in detail. Such as the four axes five linkages leaves A B10 system used on machine tools, to focus on the role of the each part, the function of the board, the whereabouts of the interface, the meaning of LED lights, etc. Now the numerical control system models, updating fast, different manufacturers, different models are often very different. To understand the commonness and individuality, Particularity) 。 General who is familiar with the maintenance SIEMENS numerical control system will not rule out A - skilled B system fault, so, want to see, keep learning, update knowledge. 2, to see the electrical diagram for each nc vertical lathe electrical components, such as: contactor, relay, time relay and PLC input, output, to the one indicated in the electrical diagrams. A simple example, such as 1 a1 is 1 m to start the hydraulic pump motor contactor, general bet in figure out the normally open, normally closed contacts. On a page so that the corresponding normally open or normally closed contact of 1 a1, indicating the content for the hydraulic pump motor drive, for large CNC machine electrical diagrams dozens of pages, or even hundreds of pages. To understand, which indicates that the function of each component will take a long time. Sometimes, the primary and secondary may not clear the role of the components, to see such as digestion and then write in the future. Thus, just about the start of the hydraulic pump motor is 1 m, which should also be clearly is that PLC output lead contactor 1 a1, outside to do context, loud and clear. Block diagram and some of the electrical circuit diagram, each shaft drive, for example, is just a block diagram, as long as know a certain control condition ( On and off) For detailed things, etc. Can be free such as research, consider again. Electrical symbols from all countries are not the same, it must first clear understanding. Thick several PLC for factory written statements table, also want to see more, to master its programming language, on the basis of understand to Chinese translation. So can greatly save the troubleshooting time later, if the failure to understand electrical diagram, such as PLC statement list, certainly will want to spend a lot of time, often can cause errors in judgment. 3, to see the hydraulic and pneumatic figure for nc machine tool mechanical mill, sand making machine, hydraulic and pneumatic figure, to clear its role and context. Make clear on the drawings one by one, such as CNC milling machine accessories, cutting tool installation is more complex, to break down the figure, such as locking tool by which electromagnetic valve action? Which a few is the corresponding PLC output and input? Indicated on the diagram, so that one rod from electrical to mechanical action, at the same time, especially for the parts of the machine, electric relations close to be the key to understand, such as CNC milling machine adopts the technology of the electro-hydraulic proportional valve, to focus on its role and function, especially to understand their adjustment method and data, static and dynamic proportional valve current and the corresponding balance when the pressure of the pump, know both electric and machine, mechanical and electrical integration, to master a variety of skills, so that to solve the problem much easier. 4, want to see more foreign language, to improve their professional foreign language reading ability does not know a foreign language, especially English. Will not be able to read a lot of foreign technical data, single rely on translation, is often not ideal. See the Chinese version of technical data, at the beginning of the more demanding, more new words, look after, also only then more than common professional words, later will look smooth, a qualified nc vertical lathe maintenance staff to grasp the basic language tools.
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