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CNC vertical lathe machining workpieces of consider do you understand?

by:SNK     2020-08-25
CNC vertical lathe machining workpieces of consider do you understand? Release date: 2019 07 - 17 clicks: 417 nc vertical lathe machining workpieces of consider do you understand? CNC vertical lathe, according to the different structures can be divided into single column CNC vertical lathe and CNC double column vertical lathe. Single column CNC vertical lathe main transmission is mainly driven by vector frequency conversion system, institutions, through two shifting speed can be stepless adjustable the work speed. And the workbench mining shaft are generally adopts high precision adjustable double row short cylindrical roller bearing radial clearance centering, workbench guide rail unloading hydrostatic guideway, the resulting rotation accuracy is high, can carry ability also is bigger, also won't appear larger thermal deformation. Single-column vertical tool post of nc vertical lathe are divided into several kinds, including the pentagon knife set, square square ram, knife set, static pressure balance cylinder head configuration. Horizontal and vertical feed machines are driven by ac servo system, can be very good rest feed and fast moving, stepless adjustable. For a vertical lathe, is the most basic part of the machine tool of the fuselage, USES the high quality cast iron as raw material, after heat aging and vibration aging, secondary aging process, the processing of fully eliminate the internal stress of castings. Of beams and columns, the ram guide all through between the ultra frequency quenching processing, quality and performance is guaranteed. CNC vertical lathe can be seen from the several aspects, single-column nc vertical lathe is suitable for high speed steel, cemented carbide cutting tools, ferrous metal, nonferrous metal box part of non-metallic materials of inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer cone, end face, slot for rough and finish machining, such as application scope is wide. CNC vertical lathe in machining workpieces should consider when the choice? When parts material and the technological characteristics of the machine performance parts material and mechanical properties determine the variety of blank. For cast iron parts with casting blank; When shape is simple and mechanical properties of steel parts is not high bar is commonly used, the tension of steel parts, to achieve the excellent mechanical properties, should choose forgings, when the shape of large mechanical properties with steel when the request is not high; Commonly used material or casting blank non-ferrous metal parts. When parts structure shape and dimension of large-scale and simpler parts blank multi-purpose sand casting or free forging; To construct large multi-purpose casting blank; Small parts can use forging or casting blank; Multi-purpose forging blank plate steel parts; The blank shaft parts, if steps were small diameter, available bar; If the step size is large, the appropriate choice of forgings. Have an outline of the detail of a small amount of production, the application of the blank manufacturing method is higher accuracy and productivity. Dull appearance and fine application metal mould casting castings and forgings with die forging or fine forging. Use wooden hand in sheet small batch production or free forging to manufacture blank. When determining blank existing production conditions, must separate meticulous production conditions, such as the practice of field blank manufacturing level and performance, the general characteristics of appearance, otherwise the effect is not ideal. When using new craft, new material to save material and the power, advance machine productivity, should fully consider fine casting, precision forging, cold rolling, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy, steel and engineering plastics such as in the use of the machine, can greatly improve the machine processing capacity, that need not stop treatment, economic benefit is remarkable.
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