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CNC vertical lathe in our country product imports to the cause of the high

by:SNK     2020-08-25
CNC vertical lathe in our country product imports to the cause of the high release time: 2019 - 11 - 19 clicks: 266 times in recent years, our machine tool enterprises execute reliability skills, domestic nc vertical lathe reliability level in steady growth, but compared with developed countries similar product distance is still significant. To change the present situation of the machine tool industry in China, after the implementation of special seriously, promote the domestic advanced level of CNC vertical lathe, processing of CNC machine tool industry skills to carry out the engineering confusion or problem, change the passive situation of market competition in the world. Thinking products to use time of elements and environment, only did learn high technology at home and abroad experience, develop new products, on its own technology constantly improving skills, to win the applause of the world. CNC vertical lathe, high product imports in China on the one hand is because the national economic structure to accelerate the transformation of promotion, the domestic market rival car machine tool product rapid promotion of the level of demand; Something on the other hand is because the nc vertical lathe professional skill innovation and adjustment of product structure can't keep up with market demand levels advance footsteps, domestic high-grade vertical lathe machine tool product market competition force to be promoted. Selection of the nc vertical lathe, with some accessories, the choice of missing items later production does not adapt to the situation. For processing range, complex use of universal machine tools, such as with machine tool manufacturing, the choice should try to complete machine tool accessories. The reliability of the nc vertical lathe operation including double meaning, on the one hand, the service life of the user requirements of machine tools in use period fault as less as possible, on the other hand user requirements for machine tool continuous operation is stable and reliable. All the quality determines the reliability of machine tool machine's operation. Machine daily maintenance of CNC lathe 1, every day completes various rail surface clean and smooth, have active smooth system of machine tool to check punctuality, smooth cleaning active system, check the oil amount, timely increase smooth oil, check the oil pump punctual start preview and suspension. 2, check the spindle box every day take the initiative to smooth system operation is normal, punctual smooth oil to replace the spindle box. 3, check to see if the electrical cabinet cooling fan operation is normal, air duct filters have without block, clean from the dust. 4, check the cooling system, check the liquid level height, increase oil or water in time, to replace oil, dirty water to clean. 5, watching the spindle drive belt, adjust the tightness. Article 6, check the guide with the tightness, regulate gap. 7 tank of oil pump, observe the machine tool hydraulic system with or without abnormal noise, homework about the suitability of the oil level height, pressure gauge indicates whether normal, pipe and the joints with and without leakage. 8, view the guide rail, machine guard is fully useful. CNC vertical lathe workbench due to the limitation of its structure, only at the end of the machine all assembly, since the car after the workbench mesa rotation accuracy, such as inspection unqualified causes also should be the workbench to be dismantled, examined, assembly again. When the structure of the nc vertical lathe assembly according to bearing inspection list and bearing ring precision single bearing installation, adjustment, precision CNC vertical lathe turning parts after assembled, nc vertical lathe outfit workbench can not to test the spindle rotation accuracy. The three advantages of nc vertical lathe first, high machining accuracy. Second, a highly flexible. Third, the processing quality is stable and reliable.
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