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CNC vertical lathe fixture three development trends

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Three major development trends nc vertical lathe fixture release date: 2016 - 09 - 02 clicks: 2078 times fixture is indispensable parts, mechanical processing in nc vertical lathe technology to high speed, high efficiency and precision, composite, intelligent, environmental protection direction, fixture technology is moving in high precision, high efficiency, module, combination, general motors, the direction of economic development. A, high precision with enhancing the machining accuracy of CNC vertical lathe, in order to reduce the positioning error, improve the machining accuracy, for fixture manufacturing precision is higher. High precision fixture positioning hole is apart from the precision up to & plusmn; 5μ M, on the surface of the fixture supporting vertical degree reaches 0. 01 mm / 300 mm, parallel degree up to 0. 01mm/500mm。 In order to meet the needs of different industries and economy, clip has a different model, and the precision of different grade standard to choose from. 2, high efficiency in order to improve the production efficiency of machine tool, more than double, and all around the clamping fixture products more and more. In order to reduce the workpiece installation time, all kinds of automatic centering clamp clamping, precision flat pliers, leverage, CAM clamping, pneumatic and hydraulic clamping, fast clamping features of constant innovation. New type of electric control permanent magnet jig, only 1 ~ 2 seconds to tighten and loosen the workpiece, the fixture structure is simplified, for machine transfer, more and more pieces of processing. Three, modules, the basis of the modular is to realize the combination of modular fixture element. Using the modular design of seriation, standardization, fixture element, quickly assembled into various fixture, has become a fixture technology development base. Save work, time saving, material saving, energy saving, embodied in the various advanced fixture system innovation. Modular design of fixture assembling computer aided design and lay the foundation, the application of CAD technology, components, typical fixture, the standard library can be built and user access to archives, optimizes fixture design, 3 d entity assembly fixture for the user. Cutting process simulation tool, which can provide users with correct and reasonable fixture and element supporting scheme, and can use experience, understand the market demand, continuously improve and perfect the fixture system. Four, general, economic fixture generality directly influence its economy. , modular fixture system of module, one-time investment is large, only the fixture system restructuring, reconfigurable and extensible function is strong, wide application range, high universality, fixture efficiency is high, the investment back quickly, to embody the economy is good. Elements of the function is strong, make fixture good commonality, fewer but better, the low cost of form a complete set, economical and practical is the value of popularization and application.
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