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CNC vertical lathe failure analysis of the spare parts replacement method

by:SNK     2020-08-29
CNC vertical lathe failure analysis of the displacement method to release time: spare parts - 2020 04 - 13 clicks: 196 nc vertical lathe are large mechanical equipment, used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small, complex shape of large and heavy artifacts. Such as all kinds of disc, wheel and set of artifacts, end face, cone surface and cylinder bore cylindrical, cone and so on. Also can use attachment to car thread, spherical, such as copying, milling and grinding processing. Compared with horizontal lathe, the workpiece in horizontal lathe decorates the clip on the inside. CNC vertical lathe spindle axis for vertical layout, workbench platform in a horizontal plane, so the workpiece clamp installed and is more convenient. This layout to reduce the load of main shaft and bearing, so the vertical lathe can longer stay working precision. CNC vertical lathe is mainly used in large, its main shaft is vertical. Vertical lathe and CNC. Due to the high level of technical talents is more and more short, the new enterprise with numerical control, in order to improve the productivity and product quality, reduce scrap rate and cost. Adopts dynamic pressure in the workbench, the spindle radial adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing, thus the workbench large carrying capacity, high rotation accuracy; Vertical tool rest with the pentagon knife set, ram head is equipped with four knife sets, two head adopts hydraulic balance; Machine tool electrical PLC control, and equipped with digital display device, the reliability is higher; Machine tool modelling beautiful, good agreeableness, easy to operate; According to the special requirements to provide ram head, tapering accessories, etc. Nc vertical lathe are there will be a failure, we can through the spare parts replacement method to remove failures: when the fault analysis focused on a printed circuit board, due to the constant expansion of the circuit integration and the failure to implement on it an area and even a certain element is very difficult, to shorten downtime, in the same conditions of spare parts can spare parts replaced first, and then to check repair the failure board. Spare parts board replacement should pay attention to some problems, replace any spare parts should be carried out in the case of power cuts. Many printed circuit boards are some of the switch or shorting bar set to match the actual needs, so be sure to record the original on the replacement of spare parts board set the switch position and status, and to set the new board to make the same, otherwise it will alarm and not work. Some replacement of printed circuit board also should be carried out after the replacement of some specific operations to complete the establishment of the software and parameters. This need to carefully read the instructions on the use of the corresponding circuit board. Some printed circuit board can't be easily pull out, such as plate containing the working memory, or the spare panels, it will lose useful parameters or program. Must be replaced when must also comply with the relevant instructions. In view of the above conditions, after removing the old board to replace the new board must be carefully read before relevant information, understand requirements and operation steps before you begin, so as not to cause more failure.
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