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CNC vertical lathe factory, a guide rail gap adjustment steps

by:SNK     2020-09-02
CNC vertical lathe factory, a guide rail gap adjusting step release date: 2016 - 10 - 17 clicks: 3005 nc vertical lathe guide rail gap adjustment according to the machine tool structure, usually with flat strip guide clearance adjustment, wedge gib guide clearance adjustment or clamp guide clearance, ball guide rail gap adjustment type, etc. Article 1, with the guide clearance adjusting flat strip guide clearance adjustment steps: unscrew the nut and tighten or loosen the screw, move the location of the flat strip, the guide rail gap become smaller or bigger. Adjust, appropriate to unscrew the screw first, after the completion of the adjustment in the screw down the screws. Feeler adjust clearance, available at the two ends of the guide rail and intermediate measurement, gap should be uniform, the screw nut. Flat strip only local contact with screw, is prone to deformation, and the guide rail contact state is poor. Article 2, wedge with the guide rail gap adjusting wedge with a guide rail gap adjustment steps: turn adjusting screw, drives the pull rod wedge plate extending direction, thus maximum or reduce the gap, pull rod can also limit the wedge in strip work smart move. Reverse adjust the adjusting screw ( Unscrew the corresponding to unscrew the end, in the end) Article, pull rod drive wedge with the move, make guide clearance increases or decreases, and met the requirement of the measurement interval values, tighten at the other end of the adjusting screw, the nc vertical lathe wedge set a fixed, to prevent the occurrence of moving while at work changed the clearance value. When to be big rail gap, loosen nut first, then adjust the screws loosen offshoring pull rod drives the gib make guide clearance increases, measure the clearance value meets the requirements, screw nut, the article will set the location. Unscrew the nut need to adjust small clearance, the first, then screw the operation and adjustment the same 3 big clearance, gap adjusting clamp platen guide rail gap adjustment steps: grinding pressure plate surface is flat and must need to ensure that the clearance, clearance in the n. Unscrewed the screw, adjust the guide joint between the clamp and the shim thickness to change gap value, measuring gap, to tighten the set screw, otherwise clearance values are not accurate. Adjustment screw to change the position of the pressure plate, thus increase/decrease guide clearance. 4, ball guide rail gap adjusting ball guide clearance adjustment steps: with steel ball guide rail is fixed on the bed will be lower with the steel rail: upper inlaid steel rail fixed on the workbench, guide rail steel ball rolling body is among, with a retainer to separate the steel ball, without clearance adjustment. With the position of the adjusting screw to adjust the lateral guide to the big or small rail gap measurement after clearance requirements, tighten screw, nut screw also can be preloaded will guide rail, to increase the guideway stiffness, improve the motion precision of the slideway and heeling force under high nc vertical lathe moment.
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