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CNC vertical lathe don't call the police is how to return a responsibility?

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CNC vertical lathe don't call the police is how to return a responsibility? Release date: 2019 03 - 21 clicks: 2671 nc vertical lathe don't call the police is how to return a responsibility? CNC vertical lathe can generally be divided into single and double column. Small adopts single column vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe. The main characteristics of vertical lathe is in the horizontal plane, more convenient to install and adjust the workpiece. Table by the guide rail, cutting smooth rigid support. CNC vertical lathe for machining large mechanical equipment, radial size and axial size is relatively small, big and heavy complicated shape workpiece. Such as plate, cylinder, wheel and workpiece surface, cone, cylinder, cone hole. Another thread, the attachment car spherical, replication, milling and grinding. Compared to the horizontal lathe, in horizontal lathe workpiece clamping decoration. CNC vertical lathe spindle axis vertical layout, in the horizontal plane of the table, workpiece clamping and found that it is more convenient. This layout can reduce the main shaft and bearing load, so the precision can keep for a long time. Fault maintenance of CNC vertical lathe, no alarm, because it is not easy to find fault point, the maintenance work to bring very great trouble. In automatic processing of CNC vertical lathe, program execution to MO3S section after the spindle start, speed is normal, but not on to the next paragraph, without any warning. Through inspection found that the work automatically start button ST, work automatically start lights STL, machine tool operation is normal. In the MDI mode, manual input or MO4 instructions at the end of a given S instruction, the spindle can be rotated to normal, but modified S instruction, is unable to perform new instructions, require MO5 instruction or reset after clear, can implement a new speed. Rotational speed can be judged, right now, is not the main clock drive system. Check machine ladder diagram, found that the spindle is turn signals SFR or spindle to reverse the SRV is 1, indicating that M instructions have been executed; Check SFIN S function complete signal is 0, indicating that S function is not complete, machine tools are in a wait state. To be sure that the cause of failure. To continue to check, can be seen from the machine tool ladder diagram SFIN = 1, namely S function complete condition is: S function gating signal SF, spindle speed reach signals SAR, spindle speed to complete the SPE - 1. As can be seen from the diagnosis, SF, SPE, SFIN three signals for the inside of a PLC, only the SAR signal is an external conditions. Next, check the SAR signal. Under the condition of failure, check the spindle servo system, found that the system works well, the spindle speed reaches the signal for high level. Check the wiring, found that the signal wire is broken. Reset signal lines, machine back to normal. CNC vertical lathe spindle control system, no alarm failure is usually in the external conditions are not met, and under the condition of system in a wait state. During maintenance, therefore, need to understand the control principle, on the basis of the use of PLC ladder diagram or diagnosis, to control the condition and the logic analysis and check carefully.
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