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CNC vertical lathe control system of high speed, high efficiency and high precision

by:SNK     2020-09-01
CNC vertical lathe control system of high speed, high efficiency and high precision release time: 2018 - 05 - 02 clicks: 2646 nc vertical lathe control system of high speed, high efficiency and high precision. High speed CNC vertical lathe to develop in the direction of high speed, can give full play to the performance of modern cutting tool material, not only can greatly improve the machining efficiency, reduce processing costs, but also can improve the surface quality and machining precision of parts. Ultra-high speed machining technology for manufacturing high efficiency, high quality and low cost of production has extensive applicability. With ultra high speed cutting mechanism, hard wear-resisting long life of cutting tool materials and abrasive abrasive, high power high speed motorized spindle, high speed feed unit driven by linear motor plus/minus and high-performance control system ( Including monitoring system) And protective device and a series of the solution of the key technologies in technical areas, countries around the world are scrambling to development and application of a new generation of high speed nc machine tools, to speed up the pace of high speed machine tool development. High-speed spindle unit, high speed and high speed plus/minus the feed movement of parts, high performance CNC and servo system and nc tool system is a new breakthrough, reached a new technical level. 2. Efficiency, according to the requirements of high efficiency, mass production and the rapid development of electrical drive technology, the application of the linear motor, developed a batch of high speed and high speed response of nc machine tool efficiently and to meet the needs of automobile, agricultural machinery and other industries. Also due to speed up new product update cycle, mold, aerospace, military and other industrial processing parts not only complex and variety. 3. High precision motors in order to adapt to the needs of the development of high and new technology, but also to improve the performance of common mechanical and electrical products, quality and reliability, reduce its assembly work and to improve the efficiency of assembly needs. From precision machining to ultra-precision machining ( High precision machining) , is the direction of the industrial power is committed to development. Its precision from micron grade to sub-micron and nanometer level, its increasingly wide range of application. Ultra-precision processing mainly includes the ultra-precision cutting ( Car, milling) , super precision grinding and super precision grinding and polishing and super precision special processing. With the development of modern science and technology, CNC vertical lathe for ultra-precision machining technology continuously put forward new requirements. The emergence of new materials and new components, such as higher accuracy requirement put forward need to be super precision processing technology, development of new type of ultra precision machine tools, improve the modern ultra-precision machining technology, so as to adapt to the development of modern science and technology. With the development of high and new technology and the improvement of mechanical and electrical products performance and quality requirements, the user requirements for the machining accuracy of nc vertical lathe is becoming more and more high. In order to meet the needs of users, common nc machine tool machining accuracy improved.
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