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CNC vertical lathe before work, work, and work safety operation procedures

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CNC vertical lathe work, work, and work safety procedures before release date: 2015 - 06 - 08 clicks: before 3060, nc vertical lathe work safety operating rules: 1, the operator according to the provisions of the machine tool operation instruction, check the oil and oil and gas to the related parts, part exposed guide manual lubrication; 2, after each power on, you must first complete the axis of return reference point operation, and then enter the other operation mode, in order to ensure the correctness of the axis coordinate; 3, nc vertical lathe tool is allowed on guide surface and worktable and other items; 4, nc vertical lathe dynamic and start to look around before machine start after, to be on the safe position, to avoid the machine moving parts and scrap iron splash; 5, adjust the catwalk height and length must strictly comply with the specifications, shall not be inconvenient. Second, nc vertical lathe work of safety operating rules: 1, machining process, strictly enforce process discipline, see drawings, grasp control point, the roughness of the parts and the relevant parts of the technical requirements, identify good workpiece machining process; 2, tooling, fixture, cutting tool and the workpiece must be clamped firmly. After driving should be in low speed idling, everything was normal, formally for operation; 3, overload shall be forbidden to use machine tools, are not allowed to be driven by the machine moving parts push/pull artifacts are find; 4, before start the mobile/axis machine tool, to ensure that no obstacles around the interference, no people go for a walk or stay, to avoid human injury. To observe the axis position, run to the limit position to slow down while go slow, no special need, can't crash hard limit. 5, the machine's operation, not allowed to touch the movement of the workpiece and tool, no measurements in operation, banned across the passing or take tools such as transmission machine parts; 6, no contact point with hands and scrap iron, scrap iron must use iron hook or special tools such as brush to clean up; 7, nc vertical lathe operation, the operator shall not be out of jobs, must stop when unattended; 8, nc vertical lathe operation, such as abnormal crisis situation can press & other; Stop & throughout; Button to ensure the safety of person and equipment; 9, nc vertical lathe is abnormal, should immediately stop inspection, shall not be forced or being used; 10, discontinued for a long time such as machine tools, machine tool operation should follow the principle of low speed, medium speed, and then high speed, low speed, medium speed running time shall not be less than 2 - 3 minutes. When sure no abnormalities, can begin to work; 11, the insurance and safety protection device on the machine, the operator shall not be any disassembly and moving. Three, nc vertical lathe work safety operating rules: 1, all kinds of tools, measuring tool and cutting tool in the specified location, intact and good; 2, remove scraps, wipe the machine, the use of the machine and environment clean; 3, fill in & other; Hand-over records & throughout; , to do a good job of succession. 4, such as CNC vertical lathe in a long time need not, must turn off the power supply as stipulated in the machine operation manual order.
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