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CNC vertical lathe beam structure and electric control system

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CNC vertical lathe beam structure and electric control system introduction to release time: 2019 - 12 - 19 clicks: 305 nc vertical lathe beam structure and electrical control system of a CNC vertical lathe main structure generally consists of the following parts: the workbench, the lathe bed, beams and slide, vertical tool rest, gearbox, lifting mechanism, the feed box beams, knives, library, etc. In addition, depending on the complexity of the machine tool can also be equipped with an automatic measuring equipment, milling head, grinding the first class. What are the typical features of nc vertical lathe beam structure? CNC vertical lathe beams move up and down along the column, its on the left side of the thicker, and contact the post for the sliding surface of cast iron surface. In front of the machine tool bar is moving the beam slide guideway. Guide for the rectangular guide, generally after quenching treatment, in order to improve the wear resistance. The beam slide on the beam for linear motion. Friction pair of hardened cast iron and copper alloy sliding friction. The rotary slide through the screw fastening on the beam slide, loosen the screw when necessary around the center axis rotation Angle, Used for turning taper) 。 Ram section for T, but also can provide all inclusive square cross section of the ram. Friction pair for hardened steel and copper alloy sliding friction. The lathe tool rest are both longitudinal and transverse feed by the beam ten secondary feed box on the right side of the driver. Fast feed movement of machine tool slide by a feed box on the quick motor drive alone. Head for the ball screw drive components. Beam by a separate trapezoidal thread screw drive. Beam lifting box in support. Powered by ac motor through the worm pair to screw. Beam displacement after positioning, clamping on the left and right before and after, clamp around first, then before and after clamping. Behind the bar on the right side there is a hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder drive lever, for incomplete gear lever at the other end, incomplete gear drive with tooth profile Angle iron, the machine will beam clamped on the left and right. Behind the bar on the left side also has a hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder to clamp the deformable part deformation, with column guide rail fastening together, so that the beam clamped on the direction before and after. Beams, slide, vertical tool rest by the bar and slide on the manual hydraulic pump lubrication. Knife is a pentagon has five tool knife, by manual indexing and clamping, the dividing and positioning element is arc tooth tooth plate. CNC vertical lathe electrical control system: 1. Position measurement system: the straight axis adopts grating ruler directly with distance code position detection, rotary table is equipped with independent rotary encoder, satisfy the multiple thread turning processing. 2. Machine adopts Germany Siemens numerical control system, online switch in both Chinese and English. 3. CNC system hardware configuration: basic operation panel OP012, 19 & quot; Machine control panel, PCU 50, with the function of data transmission of the USB interface, RS - 232 c serial communication interface with the network transmission function; Configuration of the portable handheld button operating unit ( With electronic hand wheel) 。 4. Several control axis, two numerical control servo axis, two axes linkage, meet internal and external spherical surface processing.
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