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CNC vertical lathe and auto production of the intimate contact

by:SNK     2020-08-25
CNC vertical lathe, and auto production of the intimate contact release date: 2019 - 12 - 26 clicks: 250 CNC vertical lathe, and auto production of the intimate contact of CNC vertical lathe can make coarse fine lathe pieces of cylindrical, inner hole, end face, inner and outer conical surface processing, etc. The machine tool by the left, the left column, beam, workbench of base frame type structure, strong rigidity, can bear larger cutting load. Beam along the support guide rail to move up and down, the disc spring through the lever clamp on the columns, beams of elevator control button button on the site in suspension, beam with microscopic mechanism adjustable beam horizontal position. Left, right two vertical tool rest in a bar, for manual operation in the beam head handle, in order to adjust the position of the head and the knife. Ram weight by pressure oil balance, in the upper portion of the tool rest slide is equipped with two unloading roller, turn the screw at the top of the unloading adjustable roller bearing capacity, so as to reduce the manual operation is hard. Beam, each tool carrier is equipped with a hand pressure lubrication oil pump, so that the operator easily for lubrication. Electrical control adopts PLC programmable controller control. CNC vertical lathe is introduced into the finite element analysis method, in view of the working condition of high efficiency, high rigidity, heavy cutting and other special design. Columns, the base are used for large size box layout, offer similar models in the largest Z axis section size, ram, support overweight cutting; Machine tool symmetry layout is reasonable to avoid thermal deformation, and a reasonable distributed multiple tempering and aging treatment, ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool accuracy. Spindle radial bearing using P4 grade double row roller bearing, the axial bearing big size thrust bearing, using P4 level in ensuring high rotation accuracy at the same time, also ensure the high bearing capacity. CNC vertical lathe hydraulic system adopts the closed loop, take away the machine tool cutting heat effectively. Machine tools work when the pump is always working under unloading state, effectively avoid the temperature rise of the machine tool. When the machine is equipped with a second spindle, machine tool is equipped with oil cooler. On the main drive has a standard, overloading, high-speed and other configuration for user to choose from, and can according to user needs to choose two transmission or four gearbox. Today's auto manufacturing production, new product development cycles are shortened, the cost has been reduced. Data show that a decade ago need four years of automotive products development cycle; Only need two years can be completed today. In addition to the automotive industry manufacturers adopt the advanced method of new product development and virtual manufacturing, the development of advanced technology such as concurrent engineering, it is important that benefit from the equipment supplier for automotive manufacturing equipment, especially the equipment supplier provides a variety of CNC vertical lathe, the CNC lathe processing allows the automobile manufacturing industry manufacturers with the fastest speed to provide products to meet the market demand. CNC vertical lathe processing good flexibility, high adjustment, high machining accuracy, have long been carmaker, vertical lathe industry along with market competition intensifying, Multi-species production maximize meet the diverse needs of the market, until to satisfy every CNC lathe processing the user's needs, become a car manufacturing maker goal, with nc machine tool as the main body of the flexible manufacturing cell is widely used. Today's nc machine tools are believed to be the main development direction of high speed CNC lathe processing, with high speed to achieve high efficiency; Speed up the development of the automation process.
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