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CNC numerical control lathe manufacturer to improve cutting efficiency of the methods

by:SNK     2020-08-29
CNC numerical control lathe factory about improve cutting efficiency method to release time: 2016 - 09 - 13 clicks: 2134 numerical control lathe improves the cutting efficiency, is not only in speed increased, the result is: the unit power of the metal removal rate increased by 30% ~ 40%, and cutting force was reduced by 30%, cutting tool life is increased by 70%, greatly reduces the left on the workpiece cutting heat, cutting vibration is almost disappear; Cutting the essential leap. So how can you improve cutting efficiency? 1, choose the cutting tool material performance in nc machine tools machining, the effect of metal cutting tools as watt invented the steam engine. Manufacturing tool material must have a high temperature hardness and wear resistance, the necessary bending strength, impact toughness, and chemical inertness, good manufacturability, Machining, forging and heat treatment, etc. ) And out of shape not easily. Good cutting tool material performance at home and abroad mainly include: metal ceramic, tungsten carbide coated tools, ceramic cutting tools, polycrystalline diamond ( PCD) And cubic boron nitride ( 立方氮化硼) Cutting tools, etc. They each has its characteristics, to adapt to the workpiece material and different cutting speed range. CBN is suitable for cutting high hardness of quenched steel and iron, etc. , such as high machining hardened steel ( 50~67HRC) And chilled cast iron mainly choose ceramic cutting tool and CBN tools, including processing under 60 ~ 65 HRC hardness available ceramic cutting tool, workpiece and more than 65 HRC workpiece with CBN cutting tools for cutting. PCD is suitable for cutting nonferrous metal, and metal, plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy parts, mainly using PCD and diamond film coated tools. Carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel are now used for file tools, die, tap and so on. Cemented carbide coating tools ( Such as TiN coating, TiC, TiCN, TiAIN, etc. ) Although the higher hardness, suitable for processing of the workpiece is wide, but its oxidation temperature generally is not high, so the increase of cutting speed is restricted, can generally be processed within the range of 400 ~ 500 m/min steel parts, and the high temperature of Al2O3 coating high hardness, within the scope of the high speed machining, its wear resistance is TiC, TiN coating are all well. 2, choice of rational cutting parameter current represented by high-speed cutting dry cutting, hard cutting and new cutting process has shown a lot of advantages and strong vitality, become a manufacturing technology to improve processing efficiency and quality, the main way to reduce costs. In choosing rational cutting parameter at the same time, try to choose serrated knife ( On the tool per inch diameter cutter teeth & ge; 3) , increase per tooth feeding, increase productivity and tool life. Relevant experimental study shows that when the linear velocity of 165 m/min, feed per tooth is 0. 4 mm, the feed speed of 341 m/min, the knives' service life of 30 pieces. If the cutting speed increased to 350 m/min, feed per tooth is 0. 18 mm, feed speed is 2785 m/min, the original processing efficiency of 817%, and the cutting tool life expectancy increased to 117 pieces.
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