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cnc manufacturing using cnc machining centers

by:SNK     2019-09-06
CNC refers to \"Computer Numerical Control\", which describes the way the work piece/part is processed using a computer to control and define.
CNC has been in use since the 1970 s, before that, CNC (NC)
It has been used for manufacturing since 1940.
The introduction of computers has greatly improved the speed and reproduction of the manufacturing parts.
Before the introduction of CNC manufacturing.
CNC milling machines are usually used to replace several manual manufacturing operations with a single programming program, which is less manual intervention than the single manual steps previously required.
Prior to the introduction of CNC Manufacturing, a single manufacturing operation such as drilling relies heavily on the experience, skills and judgment of a single operator.
During the drilling process, the operator needs to select the correct bit, insert it into the drill press, select the rotation speed, then turn the handle and drive the rotating bit into the workpiece.
If a series of holes are required, then the operator must manually move the workpiece to a new position and may replace the drill bit if the size of the next hole is different.
This is a lot of manual steps that increase the chances of bugs, changes and scrapping, and the time it takes to perform each step.
In fact, manual manufacturing like this becomes very unacceptable, because the complexity and quantity of the components manufactured are increasing.
Alternatively, the CNC machining center can be programmed to perform all the steps involved in manual drilling, place the drill bit into the spindle, activate the spindle, position the workpiece under the drill bit, process the hole, turn off the spindle.
In addition, the CNC machining center can be programmed to perform many other steps during the machining process, resulting in the manufacture of a large number of complex components with minimal operator intervention.
CNC machine tool is a computer-driven machine tool in which both the workpiece and the tool are moved.
Like the drill press, the tool is moved to the workpiece in the axial direction, unlike the drill press, the workpiece is also moved to the rotating milling machine in the radial direction.
CNC manufacturing center features the most important operation using CNC manufacturing center is initial programming.
Each operation previously performed manually can be programmed into a CNC machine.
Once the correct program is installed and the machine is started, the operator only needs to monitor the machine in the unlikely event of a problem.
The machine usually loads the workpiece automatically, so the operator has nothing to do to keep the machine running.
This allows the operator to perform other tasks such as quality or statistical process measurement.
CNC machine tool type CNC machine tool has two basic categories of vertical and horizontal.
In these categories, there are many sub-categories that describe the size and speed of the operation.
Both vertical and horizontal CNC milling centers can use X-
In order to move the workpiece to the desired position, the vertical milling machine installs the tool above the workpiece, which is most suitable for the work of machining the mold into metal blocks, etc.
Horizontal CNC machining centers tend to be used for heavier and longer workpieces and workpieces that need to work at angles.
CNC milling center can be from simple (
Groove, keyway cutting, planing, drilling)to complex (
Profile, mold sinking).
In order to cool and lubricate the cutting and wash away the resulting cutting edge, the cutting fluid is usually pumped to the cutting site.
CNC manufacturing machines have several common features: motion control all CNC machines allow controlled movement in at least two directions (X and Y)
Or motion axis.
The complexity part of the CNC machine is defined by the number of axes, and the more axes the machine is more complex.
The motion axis can be linear (X,Y,Z)
Can also rotate (A,B,C).
Simple operations like drilling require the movement of the workpiece on the x and y axes and the movement of the cutter on the z axis.
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