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cnc machining centers: trends & tips: industry experts share their views.

by:SNK     2019-09-15
In today\'s CNC machining centers, energy efficiency plays an important role.
\"There are several areas in the CNC machining center that employ technologies that reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint,\" said Cesare Magnani, Biesse brandmanager . \".
\"It\'s not only good for the environment, but it\'s also directly translated into lower operating costs. \" Power-
Absorption items such as vacuum pumps, router motors and axesmotors have received wide attention.
\"A large vacuum pump or blower powered by a CNC router vacuum panel is one of the most expensive components to run,\" notes Robert Marshall, vice president of market development at AXYZ Intl.
\"The vacuum deck in the zoning has multiple smaller areas that automatically activate or deactivate when the machine head moves around the table.
This keeps the vacuum
\"To focus on the areas that are most needed, it is also allowed to use smaller, more efficient pumps,\" he said . \".
The open vacuum gauge gives customers more options on the size of the pump, as Jason sussusara, vice president of marketing atThermwood Corp. points out
\"Smaller singleand dual-
Vacuum pump is a good way to improve energy efficiency.
\"If you have a smart router, the machine will automatically determine if one or two pumps are needed for different jobs,\" he said . \".
Magnani also mentioned the energy saving of scalable solutions using multiple pumps.
In addition, he said, \"on the router motor and the shaft motor, we can now restore part of the braking energy, which is usually wasted in the form of heat.
If the customer is equipped with a smart meter, this energy can actually be sent back to the grid to recover some of the costs. \" Energy-
Max Salmi and JeffConger, marketing managers at Scm Group NA, noted that when not in use, the Save \"green\" or \"ecological\" buttons were more incorporated into powering the machine, product Manager of Stiles machinery.
Peter Tuenker, general manager of IMA America, pointed out that the availability of these devices, as well as equipment such as IMA\'s energy boxes for monitoring and adjusting power consumption, has greater availability than ever before.
Mike Kolibas, president of Komo Machine Inc, said software development also helps improve Machine efficiency, which helps optimize production
Other developments include:
Flow table, open the width of the vacuum grid and redesign the vacuum port to a series of 3-
With multiple 1/2-inch diameter ports
AtHolz-Michael Casanova, CNC product manager, said inch ports can improve vacuum flow and efficiencyHer U. S.
Solid Tolbert, a sales representative of Solid wood systems, believes that closed pneumatic systems are a new development.
\"For closed pneumatic systems, there is little or no need for compressed air for the machine. This means a 5-
In the case of no need to increase the compressed air capacity, the shaft machine can be added to the facility. \" Trending 5-
Interest in Axis systems in 5-
Shaft machining center, this is the trend recently observed at the 2013 Ligna fair.
Affordability and flexibility drive this trend, Salmi said.
All new devices have very flexible configurations that enable small batch production (batch one)orhigh-
Mass production.
\"Dave McFarland, senior manager of CNC machining at StilesMachinery, will also be 5-
Shaft products for two recent effects: Combination 5-
Shaft head can be closedthe-
Downward migration of shelves and software, including 3D or physical models for programming.
\"Make full use of 5-
Axis, you must first create the 3D surface to be machined.
Traditionally, this requires a high
The final design and programming of the software platform.
Many people today
\"In addition to the program for 3D Machining simulation and collision avoidance and collision detection, the machine tool software program also contains some elements of this technology,\" McFarland said . \".
\"As the price of the machine becomes more economical, its interest naturally increases,\" said Ruan DuToit, CEO of the US company.
\"We also found that because these machines are made for more complex parts, it is very important for customers to understand that time is money.
The customer\'s programming of these machines has also become more comfortable, and they see the benefits of sitting in the office to get the job done.
Magnani andcasanova said: \"versatility is also an advantage for carpentry.
Tuenker added, \"it is important not only to buy machines that allow them to make [a variety of]
\"Products, but also have the right software solutions to create programs quickly and easily for complex processes,\" says Casebook, \"customers are looking to realize the maximum value of their investments.
\"The five-axis can provide a complete 3D profile, in many cases more cost-effective in door and window manufacturing by eliminating the need for multi-layer aggregates,\" he added . \".
\"In many cases, a 5-
The shaft machine can be used to cut multiple sides of the part without the need to relocate the part or use an aggregation tool, \"said Jeff Eriksson, executive vice president of the Como machine.
The disadvantage, however, is that \"normally, creating the number of joints for 5 axes reduces the rigidity of the machine, which may require a reduction in the feed rate to achieve a good part finish. . . .
For customers, it is important to make a good return on investment and understand its importance and the positive side when buying the technology, \"Eriksson added. Conger agreed.
\"Since this technology is now more mainstream than ever before, we also tend to see\" entry costs \"much lower.
However, consumers must carefully analyze the complete machine products.
McFarland added, \"The challenge for machine tool manufacturers is to avoid the temptation to make the available technologies too\" generic \"and incorporate them into most of their entries --
Horizontal machine platform.
The challenge for end users is to avoid the temptation to \"do\"
All solutions are basically OK in many things, but not very efficient or productive in any particular thing. . . . .
Time will tell us for sure.
At the same time, we all push the envelope together.
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