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CNC machine debugging

by:SNK     2020-08-27
CNC machine debugging release date: 2019 - 05 - 15 author: small make up click: debugging of CNC machine tool, including the power of examination and confirmation and set numerical control system of electric parameters, the geometry precision machine tool adjustment, checking and debugging work related to nc machine tools can be put into use normally. one The power of check 1. The power input voltage, frequency and phase sequence of confirmation. Check whether the power input voltage is match with machine set, frequency conversion switch is placed in the corresponding position. Check to determine whether the transformer capacity satisfy the control unit and the power consumption of the servo system. Check the power supply voltage fluctuation range is within the scope of the numerical control system allows. Japan's numerical control system generally allow within the scope of the voltage rating of plus or minus 10%, the numerical control system of some higher requirements, while Europe and the United States within the plus or minus 5%, otherwise with ac voltage stabilizer. For using thyristor control element of the control unit and the spindle speed control unit of the power supply, be sure to check the phase sequence. In the case of incorrect phase sequence, processing power, may make the speed control unit of the input fuse burn out, this is due to the misleading, caused by the large current. Phase sequence checking method has two kinds: one kind of measured with phase sequence table, when the phase sequence connection correct ( With the terminal of the mark in the table of phase sequence phase at the same time) , phase sequence tables according to clockwise; Another kind of oscilloscope measurement between two phase waveform are available, and two at once, each phase sequence is determined. 2. Confirm whether dc power unit voltage input to ground short circuit, within all kinds of CNC system are regulated dc power supply unit, for the system to provide the + 5 v, + 15 v, + 24 v dc voltage, etc. In front of the electricity system, therefore, should be through the multimeter to check the power supply load, whether to have short circuit phenomenon. 3. Check the voltage of printed circuit boards. After turning on the power supply, should first check whether nc incase the fan rotation, confirm the power supply is switched on, all kinds of dc voltage is allowed within the scope of volatility. In general, the voltage of + 5 v power supply demand is higher, range within + / - 5%, because it is a supply logic circuit; + 24 v power supply should be within the range of plus or minus 10%, beyond the scope to adjust, otherwise it will affect the stability of the system. two Confirm 1 parameter Settings. Short anchor setting numerical control system in printed circuit board, there are many shorting bar to short-circuit the set point, the setting has been done by machine tool factory setting, users only need to confirm with the record. But for a single purchase nc device, the user must be according to the needs, set on its own. Because of CNC equipment factory, is set in a standard way, not necessarily suitable for specific user requirements. Set to confirm the content of numerical control system, has the following three aspects. ( 1) Make sure it is set for the control on the part of the printed circuit board ( 2) Confirm the speed control unit set of printed circuit boards ( 3) Confirm the main control unit of printed circuit boards set 2. Confirm the set three various parameters in nc system. Machine electricity test four. Machine precision and function tests of five. A test run
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