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CNC lathes and lathe the relationship to find out!

by:SNK     2020-08-26
CNC lathes and lathe the relationship to find out! Release date: 2020 02 - 18 clicks: 340 simple CNC lathe, numerical control technology is used to control the machine tool, this is a kind of automatic machine tool with process automation control, the whole system can be handled very logic control code or other symbols of instruction program, and then compile them automatically, to compile a comprehensive, make the whole machine tool movement can be carried out in accordance with the original program processing, the CNC lathe control units of CNC lathe operation and monitoring of all of them are done in numerical control unit, his brain is equivalent to a device. We usually call this kind of equipment is main index control lathe machining center. Lathe is a machine manufacturing equipment, so that he can make all machines, machine tool itself, of course, he can also use a series of machining methods to meet different production. So-called mechanical processing is the metal hair form a required shape parts processing, in which contains the precision of dimension, including the accuracy of geometry. Able to complete the function of the equipment are mostly known as bed in the world, so the numerical control lathe is itself in the development process of development of machine tools, the precision of the numerical control lathe and efficiency requirements are relatively high. Numerical control lathe relative to the more general machine tool is digital control. CNC lathe has a higher machining precision, the processing of product quality is stable, because itself is in accordance with the procedures for processing, so you can also use software to carry out a series of correction, can gain higher machining precision, has been turned into some of the best companies processing way, in height, precision and top products in machining process can be applied to the processing method. A relatively high degree of automation, but also can greatly reduce the labor intensity, general machine tools to do this, the quality requirements for the operator is also very high. · Mechanical part of the difference between ordinary lathe with gear, need to pull (handle to variable speed, variable speed CNC lathe is usually variable speed using nc programs. Ordinary lathe with trapezoidal thread screw thread processing, with a polished rod machining, CNC lathe were ball screw. Ordinary lathe tool post, generally on the operator side, most of numerical control lathe tool rest on the opposite side of the operator, the economical nc lathe tool rest on the operator side. Ordinary lathe guideway are hard rails, numerical control lathe guide rail and rail line. Ordinary lathe has a big drag board, dragging plate in the joystick, small plate handle, numerical control lathe without the handle, and there is no small plate. · Electrical part of the difference between ordinary lathe spindle motor is commonly ordinary motor, CNC lathe spindle motor is often used frequency conversion motor or servo motor. Ordinary lathe spindle, feed, cooling pump is manual control, numerical control lathe with nc program control ( Can also manually) 。 No ordinary lathe numerical control equipment, numerical control lathe numerical control device.
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