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CNC lathe you don't know what 'components manufacturing and assembly'

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CNC lathe you don't know what 'components manufacturing and assembly' release date: 2020 - 06 - 18 clicks: 65 times good CNC lathe is interchangeable parts general machine tools, precision, performance is stable, high durability, strong ability to adapt. Of course, for users, for machine tools is the best. In order to ensure the machine to the user scene can ensure boot percent of pass, the specification of machine tool manufacturers will be in the machine tool assembly machine for 72 hours after the completion of commissioning test. Upon completion of the test and practical test for qualified products, machine tool can achieve the delivery status post certificate. Today let's talk about nc lathe - those things you don't know “ Components manufacturing and assembly & throughout; Core components: a key parts and components manufacturing, numerical control lathe to machine bed, spindle, spindle box, bearing, drag plate, etc. Machine tool manufacturer with good condition can realize constant temperature processing, in order to avoid the thermal deformation in the process of material in the processing. Core parts heat treatment is the key of lathe bed casting two aging treatment is a basic requirement, high-end machine tools and even vacuum cooking oil technology is used to get rid of stress. Of course, wrapped in cloth after natural ageing is the best way to stress, but the cost of capital is too high. Application of artificial or natural marble to make machine tool lathe bed, is currently one of the high precision machine tool of the mainstream approach. Wear-resisting bending spindle requirements, material for difficult-to-machine materials after heat treatment, often demands high spindle and even cold treatment of materials. Machining precision of difficulty depends on the size of the bearing retainer, roundness, roughness requirements, inner hole and bearing retainer cylindrical alignment requirements. The last process often need to use high precision CNC internal and external circular grinding machine to guarantee. Spindle box, and the heat treatment of the bearing is also quite important, inner hole alignment of roundness, bearing retainer is one of the important indexes of the machine tool life. Inner hole machining high precision horizontal boring and milling machine or horizontal machining center. Machine tool production of key parts in addition to the need for skilled technical workers, also need high performance processing equipment and many advanced processing methods. Second, the numerical control lathe column hydraulic system assembly 1. In hydraulic components before installation, cleaning should be carried out for all components. 2. During the whole process in the hydraulic components installed pay special attention to clean, prevent foreign bodies from entering the hydraulic system, hydraulic system failure. 3. Oil pump in and out of the mouth line don't wrong, pumps, cylinders, valves and other components of seal to properly installed. 4. Hydraulic system pipeline connection to end, should be fixed in place of each line in the pipe does not allow to have the dead corner. 5. Come on before, the whole system must be clean, the hydraulic oil tank should be filtered to join. Pay attention to the new and old oil do not mix, because the old oil contains a large amount of solid particles, water and colloid and other impurities. 6. To observe the system in the process of debugging pumps, cylinders, valves and other components is normal work, leaks, oil pressure, oil temperature, oil level is in the permitted range.
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