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CNC lathe tool post operation problems are discussed

by:SNK     2020-08-27
Discusses the issue of numerical control lathe tool post operation release time: 2020 - 05 - 06 clicks: 167 times by CNC CNC lathe equipment, machine bed, spindle box, tool post, tailstock, feed system of the hydraulic system, cooling system, lubricating system, chip removal device and other parts. Can be equipped with the following two kinds of tool post: 1. Special tool post: developed by lathe manufacturers themselves, use the handle is also special. The advantage of this tool carrier is the manufacturing cost is low, but the lack of generality. 2. General tool rest: according to certain common standards and production tool post, lathe vendors can undertake choosing according to the functional requirement of the CNC lathe configuration. Today let's discuss the CNC lathe tool post operation problems: a, 1 head lock is not tight. Transmitting plate location not to open tool slide lid, twisted and adjust the transmitting plate position, make the hall element alignment of the tool carrier magnetic steel, make the knife a stop at the precise location. 2. Locks the system locked time long enough to adjust system parameters ( New locks the tool rest time t to 1. 2 s) 。 3. Mechanical locking mechanism failure apart tool rest, adjust the machine, and check whether the positioning pin is broken. Second, the tool post continuous operation, in position 1. For continuous operation due to the tool post, the possibility of mechanical failure is so small, mainly from the aspects of electrical inspection. 2. Check in position signal is issued, if not reach the designated position signal, is transmitting plate failure. 3. Can check whether the transmitting plate elastic contact is worn, transmitting plate if ground breaking, poor contact or missed. Need to change the elastic contact or rebuilt, at this time, according to the theory of circuit relay contact situation, reach the designated position switch contacts, line connection situation accordingly line troubleshooting. Third, tool post offside overshoot or does not reach the designated position 1. Rest offside overshoot the mechanical reasons for this failure probability, mainly by the device doesn't work after. After the first checks on positioning pin is flexible, whether spring fatigue. At this point should repair dowel pin, make its flexible or replace the spring. After the second check on ratchet wheel and worm connection is disconnected, if need to change connection is disconnected. If still appear overshoot phenomenon, it may be due to heavy cutting tool is too long, should replace the elastic modulus of larger positioning pin spring. 2. Tool post operation does not reach the designated position the fault is mainly due to the transmitting plate contact and elastic contact displacement, i. e. bakelite plate fixed position of tool offset. First to adjust the transmitting plate and elastic contact position and fixation. Who still cannot troubleshoot, could be transmitting plate clamping nut loose, resulting in position. According to the above reason analysis, inspection methods and solutions, helps to find the cause of the problem in a timely and effective manner, and quickly. CNC lathe machine tools, which are frequently used in the maintenance process should pay attention not only to repair the well, and you want to take fast. The machine maintenance work, is not only a good grasp of the theory is more important is to summarize in practice, constantly improve in order to accumulate rich experience in maintenance, so as to achieve efficient of lathe tool post for repair.
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