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CNC lathe tool options need to be careful!

by:SNK     2020-08-31
CNC lathe tool options need to be careful! Release date: 2020 02 - 12 clicks: 194 times with the rising popularity of nc lathe application, it shows the huge benefit, and has become the main equipment manufacturing industry technical progress. In the new era, there is a new modern mechanical and electrical control technology development, the CIMS ( Concentrated manufacturing system) The emergence of represents the high and new technology in equipment manufacturing industry has been developed from single to digital, networked, intelligent electromechanical integration equipment. Therefore, the management of numerical control lathe, repair and modification, maintenance, monitoring, is common to the attention of the manufacturing. Because the CNC lathe is a new technology of high-end products, involving mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, optics and computer technology, many professional knowledge, for CNC lathe tool choice must conform to the standard: 1. For the car, had better choose grinding blade. This blade has good dimensional accuracy, so the blade in the turning of the positioning accuracy is higher, can get good machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition, the development trend of grinding car blade is used in the finishing mill out of the roll groove, a cutting edge to form large positive rake Angle, allowing the blade in small feed and cutting depth on cutting. Without sharp rake Angle of carbide insert, when using small feed, cutting processing, blade friction workpiece, tool life short. 2. Some machining occasion to suppress the blade is more appropriate, sometimes need to select the grinding blade. Rough machining had better choose to suppress the blade, which can reduce the processing cost. Suppressing blade dimensional accuracy and worse than grinding blade sharp edge degree, but better suppress the blade edge strength, impact resistance and can bear larger when rough machining of cutting depth and feed. Suppression of blade sometimes before surface roll groove, can reduce the cutting force, and can also reduce the friction and artifacts, chip, reduce the power demand. 3. But the suppression of the surface of the blade is not as close as grinding blade, poor dimensional accuracy, in turning tool blade on the blade height. Due to the suppression of the blade is cheap, so it is widely used in the production. 4. Ground before the big Angle of the blade can be used to turning viscous material ( Such as stainless steel) 。 Through the shearing action of sharp edge, reduce the friction between the blade and workpiece material, and chip can quickly from the front of the blade to leave. 5. As another kind of combination, and suppress the blade can be installed in most of the turning tool blade bearing, to configure a polished strickle blade. Strickle blade clearance roughing tool marks, than only suppress the blade can get better surface roughness. And application of strickle blade can reduce the cycle time, reduce the cost. Shaved technology is an advanced technology, has been turning, grooving cutting and drilling processing areas are widely used.
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