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CNC lathe tool change device fault common phenomenon analysis

by:SNK     2020-08-24
CNC lathe tool change device fault common phenomenon analysis release date: 2016 - 06 - 20 clicks: 3020 times of CNC lathe tool change process is commonly: received after tool change signal, tool change motor through the worm gear and worm reducer head rotates, the hall element signal tool, numerical control system using this signal compared with the target to determine the cutting tool is in place. After the knife switch in place, the motor reverse tighten the rest. CNC lathe manufacturer maintenance summarizes several fault phenomenon: in the process of failure one: a four tool CNC lathe, tool can't find the no. 1, other dao potentials in normal fault phenomenon. Failure analysis: since there is only one knife can't find the knife, can eliminate mechanical transmission problems, sure is the electrical failure. May be the tool of hall element and the surrounding lines appear problem, lead to the cutter location signal cannot be transported to the PLC. Control circuit diagram found after using a multimeter to check: 1 knife a hall element of 24 v power supply is normal, GND line is normal, normal T1 signal lines. Can therefore conclude that hall element damage caused the knife can't send a signal. Solution: replace the new hall element after troubleshooting, 1 knife found normal. Fault 2: a six nc lathe tool, tool change when all can't find the tool, tool post rotation stop after a few weeks, and the numerical control system display tool change alarm: timeout or no signal input tool changer. Failure analysis to find: for the failure, still can eliminate mechanical failure, due to electrical fault. Cause the failure of electric has the following kinds: 1. Magnetic components fall off; 2. Six hall element damage of all at the same time; 3. Hall element of power supply and signal lines open lead to a voltage signal output. In the third most likely reasons. So to circuit diagram, using a multimeter to check the electrical circuit of power lines in the hall element. Results: rest on test line terminal row 24 v power supply voltage of 0 v, other lines are normal. In the line along the search for clues, found 24 v thread off from the electric cabinet, after connect is still no response. The judge should be a line break line breakdowns. Solution: use the same specification wire replacement after the break, troubleshooting. Fault 3: a six tool CNC lathe, choose knife is normal, but when the selected tool in place after the lock properly. Alarm system: tool change over time. Normal failure analysis for: choose rest the knife, is normal, just can't reverse lock. Worm gear and worm drive is normal, preliminary as the electrical wiring problem. Found in machine tool slide control electrical principle diagram, cutter reverse lock in position signal is made by a position switch to control, whether the switch is faulty wiring around you? In order to confirm the failure reason, open the rest of the top and side cover, use multimeter reference circuit diagram to check line, found the line no open circuit and short circuit, by hand press tool post reverse locking position switch, ladder diagram shows a signal input, thus eliminate electrical wiring problem. Inference may be stop motion does not reach the designated position, micro switch position not action. So to change knife again to look at, it is found that really stop motion in place. So stop bolt tightening, try a normal tool changer. Again, in a knife, the original fault appeared, and also found on the worm shaft sleeve sliding and climbing phenomenon. Is it caused by motor reverse locking position switch block is not in place? Then put the collar on the axial positioning processing, will rest the top installed. The tool carrier locking to normal. Solution: to axial positioning sleeves troubleshooting.
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