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CNC lathe precision rotary table origin return testing instructions

by:SNK     2020-08-27
CNC lathe precision rotary table origin return testing instructions to release time: 2020 - 01 - 02 clicks: 321 times of CNC lathe spindle speed can reach 5000 r/min, the X axis fast moving up to 16 m/min, z-axis fast moving up to 20 m/min, have high precision hydraulic rotary cylinder, precision elastic clamp. High rigidity and precision power chuck configuration, improves the toughness material cutting and powerful cutting ability. Use high rigidity cast iron bed, resin sand process, the foot of the bed and lathe bed integral structure with smooth chip removal, compact structure, beautiful shape, etc. Row of knife rest make repeated error is minimum & plusmn in the edge of the sword; 1 um, tool change high-speed accurate, can substantially save processing time. Feed full servo drive shafts, USES the high quality linear guide, ensure the machining accuracy and the precision of the long time, feed the repositioning precision shaft < & plusmn; 1um。 The positioning accuracy of CNC lathe is to point to each coordinate axis in CNC machine tool device under the control of movement can achieve the location accuracy. The positioning precision of machine tool and can be understood as the movement precision of machine tools. Common machine tool by the manual feeding, positioning accuracy is mainly determined by the reading error, and the movement of the nc machine tool is implemented by digital process instruction, so the positioning accuracy is determined by the numerical control system and mechanical transmission error. All the moving parts of machine tool movement is done under the control of the nc device, the moving parts in the program under the instruction control can achieve the precision of the direct reflection can achieve precision machining parts, so the location accuracy is an important test content. CNC lathe origin of rotary table resetting accuracy testing how to understand? From any position for an origin return, respectively, to determine the stop position, the biggest difference to read as the origin of resetting accuracy. Should be pointed out that the existing positioning precision of the detection is in the case of rapid, positioning measurement, in some manner not very good numerical control machine tool feed system, using different feed speed positioning, will get the positioning accuracy of the different values. In addition, the positioning accuracy of the determination results and the work state of the environment temperature and the coordinate axis, at present most of the nc machine tools using a half closed loop system, position detection components are installed on the drive motor, produce 0 within 1 m trip. 01 - 0. 02 mm error is not strange. This is the error caused by hot elongation, some machine adopts pre-stretching ( Preloaded) Methods to reduce the impact. Each of the repositioning precision of the coordinate axes is reflects the most basic precision index of the shaft, it reflects the axis motion accuracy of stability, can't imagine can steadily for the production of precision machine tools. At present, due to the numerical control system function more and more, on every sat ejector mark motion precision of the system error such as accumulated pitch error and backlash error can compensate the system, only the random error can not compensation, and repeated positioning accuracy is reflected the feed driving mechanism of the composite random error, it can't compensation of CNC system is used to correct, when found it very poor, only the fine adjustment of feeding transmission chain correction. Therefore, if allowed to choice of machine tool, should choose high repeat positioning accuracy of machine tools as well.
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