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CNC lathe operator instructions how to choose the reasonable cutting dosage

by:SNK     2020-08-30
CNC lathe operator instructions how to choose the reasonable cutting dosage release date: 2018 - 08 - 06 clicks: 2577 times of turning with cutting tool materials mainly include high speed steel, cemented carbide diamond, cubic boron nitride, human, etc. The current widespread use of vapor deposition technology to improve the cutting performance of the cutting tool and tool life. Widely used modern CNC lathe machine clamp cemented carbide cutting tool, and gradually began to promote the use of carbide coating tool. CNC lathe operator must deeply understand the choice of cutting dosage: numerical control programming is programmed to display the process of programming is intention, how to choose the reasonable cutting dosage of parts processing efficiency and accuracy of parts eventually form play a key role. For rough machining, machining economy should be to choose cutting dosage; For rough machining, should according to the machining precision of parts, especially the surface roughness to choose cutting dosage. Turning processing the cutting parameter including: turning ap, spindle speed or the cutting speed VC (S For constant linear speed cutting) , feed speed VF or feeding f. These parameters should be given in machine tool allow meter range selection. 1, turning the ap ( The cutting depth) In process system to determine the stiffness and the lathe power permission, may select a larger quantity of turning in feet, to reduce the number of feed, improve production efficiency, and can reduce the machine lost momentum ( Screw is mainly reverse clearance) The impact on the machining accuracy. On the feed servo system of economical nc machine tool driven by stepper must avoid out-of-step phenomenon are caused by too much cutting depth. 2, the determination of spindle speed, 1) Smooth surface turning the spindle speed of the spindle speed should be according to the already selected eat strength, feeding back to choose cutting speed and tool life. Generally according to the experience formula, can according to production practice experience in machine tool specification allows within the scope of the cutting speed consult relevant manual cutting parameter selection. It's important to note that ac frequency conversion speed regulation for nc machine tools and small output torque at low speed, thus cutting speed can't too low. , after the confirmation of the actual programming, the cutting speed VC can be calculated according to the formula n = 1000 VC/eD spindle speed n. ( 2) When threading the spindle speed of different numerical control system thread should adopt different spindle speed range, most of the economical nc lathe recommend car roller lines when the spindle speed n '- 1200 K type p— — Pretreating thread pitch, mm; k— — Coefficient of insurance, generally for 80. 3, feed speed directly affects the size of the table in the rough value and turning efficiency, therefore should be in the guarantee under the premise of quality, choose high feed rate. General according to the parts of factors such as surface roughness, cutting tool and workpiece material, to consult the manual cutting parameter selection. Counter rotating feed and feed hin for can be calculated by formula vf = fn.
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