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CNC lathe operation steps and brief description

by:SNK     2020-09-03
Numerical control lathe general steps and briefly explain release time: 2015 - 07 - 01 clicks: 1, 3304 times before writing or programming process should first prepare the workpiece processing program, if the workpiece processing program is longer and more complex, had better not on the machine tool programming, and adopting programming machine or manual programming, so that you can avoid occupy, for a short procedure, should also be written in the program list. 2, boot is usually open numerical control lathe, first to open system. Some design is both interlock machine tool can not be displayed on the CRT information without electricity. 3, back to the reference point for the incremental control system of machine tools, must perform this step, in order to establish the movement of the machine tool coordinate each standard. 4, program editing input numerical control lathe, if need to modify, to edit operation. At this point, the mode selector switch in the EDIT, using the EDIT button to add, delete, change. 5, numerical control lathe to lock up, run the program this step is inspection on nc lathe programs, if there are any errors, then edit again. 6, artifacts, alignment, the cutter CNC lathe using manual incremental movement, continuous movement or use hand plate mobile lathe. To the starting point of the knife point to to the program, and the benchmark for good tools. 7, start the coordinates of feed, continuous machining program is generally adopted storage, in this way than using paper program processing low failure rate. Feed speed feed rate can be used in the process of regulating switch. Processing can be according to the feed in the hold button FEEDHOLD, suspend feed movement, observe the processing or manual measurement. Press CYCLESTART button again, can restore process, to ensure that the program is correct, should review it again before processing. During the turning processing, artifacts, a plane curve can be used a pencil instead of a cutting tool on the paper painters outline, which is intuitive, if the system has the function of tool path simulation is available for inspection the correctness of the program. 8, the various images of operation shows that using the CRT display a table or the location of the cutting tool, program and the state of the machine tool, so that the operators to monitor machining conditions. 9, after the program output, if the program has the need to save, can stay in CNC memory, if a program is too long, can keep the programs in memory loss to the external devices. 10, parts detection, demolished in at the stage of chuck and workpiece clamping, workpiece size tests. Workpiece size is not qualified for cutting tool compensation, the appropriate new processing, qualified size when the demolition of the workpiece. 11, shutdown in general should be numerical control lathe, closed system.
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