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CNC lathe manufacturer sharing nc machine troubleshooting should follow the principle of

by:SNK     2020-08-22
CNC lathe manufacturer sharing nc machine troubleshooting should follow the principle of release time: 2016 - 06 - 12 clicks: 2252 times in the process of detection fault, should make full use of the numerical control system self-diagnosis function, such as system boot diagnosis, operation of diagnosis and monitoring function of PLC. Inspection at any time according to need information about the working status and interface of part. Flexible application at the same time should also be some effective methods of numerical control system fault inspection, such as exchange method, isolation method, etc. 1, the first solution after operation ( Or static after move first) After touching the machine fault maintenance personnel, to calm down and consider the analysis solution to begin again. Maintenance personnel itself to do static after the move first, not to blindly, should first ask machine operators failure process and state, after reading machine specification, pattern materials, can begin to find and deal with fault. Come up to touch the knock that even if it is broken, futile results may be tolerable, but the damage cause miscarriage or introducing new fault lead to greater consequence was the devil. 2, after the screening to determine the current plan, the defective machine tools are still takes the principle of static after the move first, first in the stationary state of power machine, through the observation test, analysis, identified as non cycle failure, or the non destructive failure after, can give machine electricity, under the running normally, dynamic observation, inspection and testing, to find fault. Destructive failure of malignant, must first, after eliminating the risk before electricity, dynamic diagnosis under the running normally. 3, after the first software hardware after the machine tool of the failure of electricity, should first check whether software working is still normal. Some parameters may be software is missing or operators use way, the alarm or malfunction caused by operating right way. Started dismantling big discharge of avoid by all means, so as not to cause greater consequences. 4, after the first external internal nc machine tools is mechanical, hydraulic, electrical integration of machine tools, so the failure phenomenon is necessarily from mechanical, hydraulic, electrical comprehensive reflected these three. Numerical control machine tool requires maintenance staff to grasp after the first external internal principles. When nc machine tool malfunction, maintenance personnel should be the methods of inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and listening, ask, outside-in check them one by one. Such as: CNC machine tools, external trip switch, button switch, hydraulic pneumatic components and printed circuit board connector, edge connectors with external or connections between parts, electric control cabinet or terminal socket connection between the mechanical and electrical equipment parts, due to its poor contact signal transmission failure, is an important factor in the production of CNC machine fault. In addition, due to the industrial environment, the change of temperature, humidity is bigger, grease or dust pollution of components and circuit boards, mechanical vibration, etc. , for signal transmission channel connectors will be a serious impact. Pay attention to these factors in the repair, first check these positions can be quickly ruled out more failure. In addition, try to avoid unsealed at random, disassembly, inappropriate dismantling big discharge, tend to enlarge the fault, make the machine big hurt, loss of accuracy, reduce performance. 5, after the first mechanical electrical as CNC lathe is a high degree of automation, complex advanced mechanical processing equipment. Generally speaking, a mechanical failure is easy to detect, and numerical control system fault diagnosis is difficult be larger. Mechanical electrical is first in the numerical control machine tool maintenance, first check whether the mechanical part is normal, travel switch is flexible, pneumatic, hydraulic part is normal, etc. From experience, there is a big part of nc machine tool fault is caused by the mechanical action failure. So, before the troubleshooting, first of all, one by one, eliminate mechanical failure, often can achieve twice the result with half the effort. 6, after the first public dedicated public sex problems often affect the global, and specificity of the problem only affects local. As several of machine tool feed shaft can exercise, at this time should be check and eliminate the shaft common CNC, PLC, power supply, hydraulic, such as public part of the fault, and then try to exclude a shaft of local problems. And like a grid or the mains failure is global, therefore generally should first check the power supply part, see the fuse is normal, when the dc voltage output is normal. To sum up, only to solve the main contradiction, affecting a large local, secondary contradiction can be solved. 7, when there is a variety of complex fault after simple interwoven cover up, at that time do not know how to start, should first solve the problem of easy, after solve difficult problems. Often in the process of solving simple fault, difficult problem can be easy, or inspired by beyond a simple failure, more clear understanding of complex fault, and also has the solution. 8, beyond a certain special after general failure, should first consider the possibility of the most common reason, and then analysis is rare special reasons. For example: when the numerical control lathe the Z axis is not allowed back to zero, is often due to slow down position stop moving. Once appear this fault, should first check the stop position, after rule out the possibility of a common, check the pulse encoder and the position control again.
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