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CNC lathe manufacturer share maintenance machine mechanical parts

by:SNK     2020-09-04
CNC lathe manufacturer share machine mechanical parts maintenance release date: 2016 - 01 - 04 clicks: 1, the numerical control machine tool storage and 2549 times in knife manipulator maintenance: (1) in manual way to the library with knife, make sure put in place, check whether the knife seat lock and reliable; (2) it is strictly prohibited to put the overweight, super long knives into knife library, prevent manipulator change knife dropped during a knife or cutting tool and workpiece collision, fixture, etc; (3) in a sequential way choice knife must pay attention to the cutting tool placed in the order of the knife library is correct. Choose other knife way also should pay attention to whether agree with the required tool for cutting tools, prevent change wrong tool led to the accident; (4) pay attention to keep the tool handle and a knife set clean; (5) check the back to the zero position of the tool storage is correct, check the spindle back in knife point location is in place, and timely adjust, otherwise can't complete the action in the edge of the sword; 6 boot, should first make knife library and manipulator empty running, check whether the parts work is normal, especially the travel switch and solenoid valve can be normal action. 2, maintenance of CNC machine tool ball screw pair: (1) regular inspection, adjust the screw nut pair of axial clearance, ensure accuracy of reverse transmission and axial stiffness; (2) periodically check loose screw support and lathe bed connection, and whether support bearing damage. If you have more questions to tighten loose parts in time, change the support bearing; (3) using the ball screw of the grease, cleaning once every six months on the screw of the old grease, replace the new grease. With lubricating oil lubrication of ball screw, machine work before refueling once a day; (4) pay attention to avoid hard dust or chip into the working process of the screw cap/touch attack shield, protective device have damage to change in time. 3, the maintenance of CNC machine tool main drive chain: (1) regularly adjust tightness of the spindle driving belt; (2) to prevent various impurities into the tank. Each year to replace a lubricating oil; (3) keep clean of the spindle and the handle connection. Need to adjust the hydraulic cylinder and the piston displacement; (4) to adjust weights. 4, numerical control lathe hydraulic system of regular maintenance (1) filter or replace the oil, (2) control the temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system; (3) to prevent the leakage of the hydraulic system, (4) periodically check cleaning tank and piping; 5. Perform daily inspection system of five, CNC machine pneumatic system maintenance (1) remove the impurities of compressed air and moisture. (2) check the fuel delivery system medium oil sprayer; (3) keep sealing system; (4) pay attention to adjust working pressure; 5. Clean or replace the pneumatic components, filter.
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