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CNC lathe manufacturer introducing CNC machine programming coordinate system

by:SNK     2020-08-23
CNC lathe manufacturer introduces the coordinate system of CNC machine programming release date: 2016 - 05 - 10 clicks: 2169 times in order to determine the movement direction of the numerical control lathe all moving parts and mobile distance, need to establish a coordinate system in the machine tool, the coordinate system is called the machine tool coordinate system. ( 1) Machine tool coordinate axis and the direction of a nc machine tool axes into translational axis and rotation axis nc machine b of each axis movement, there are plenty of make the tool produces movement, or make the workpiece to produce movement. C in view of the above two aspects, prescribed standards, regardless of the specific machine tool movement result, the machine movement unification according to workpiece stationary and tool relative to the workpiece movement to describe, and express the cartesian coordinate system with the right hand, its axis X, Y, Z, used to describe the main translational axis machine tool, called basic axes, if the axis of rotation with the machine, the standard rules around the X, Y, and Z axis rotation axis expressed in A, B, c, respectively, as defined by the right hand screw rule its positive. ( 2) Z axis to spindle along its axis direction of translational axis is defined as the Z axis. Spindle refers to the axial cutting force, such as milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine tool axis of rotation and workpiece axis on the lathe. If the spindle can swing, namely the spindle axis direction is variable, with the spindle axis perpendicular to the machine table info when loading condition to define the Z axis. According to the standard for the direction of the Z axis, to increase the distance between the tool and the workpiece in the direction of the Z axis is the direction. ( 3) X axis will be perpendicular to the plane of the Z axis of a major translational axis is specified for the X axis, it is generally located in the plane parallel to the workpiece installation faces. For different types of machine tools, the direction of X axis and its specific rules. For example for rotating machine such as milling machine, drilling machine, if the Z axis is horizontal, the X axis regulation for the tool to the workpiece movement around along the axis direction, and is positive if the Z axis is perpendicular to the right, the X axis regulation for the tool to the columns ( If there are two columns are selected on the left side of the column. Movement around along the axis when the direction, and is positive to the right. ( 4) Y axis and Y axis direction are determined according to X and Z axis according to the right-hand rule. ( 5) Origin of the machine tool machine tools is the origin coordinate system origin. For a specific machine tools, machine tool origin is fixed, is a machine tool manufacturers set up a physical location on the machine. ( 6) Machine tools for reference point of machine tool working platform, skateboarding and tool relative motion measurement system calibration and control points, also known as the machine zero point. Reference point relative to the origin of the machine tool is a fixed value. It is before and after processing, processing using the reset button on the control panel to make moving parts move to a fixed limit point in the machine tool coordinate system. Nc machine tools on the job, moving parts must first return reference point, the measurement system is zero, then measurement system which can be reference points as the benchmark, at any time to measure the position of the moving parts. ( 7) Workpiece coordinate system and the workpiece zero is used to determine the workpiece geometry on the location of the geometric elements and establish a coordinate system. Origin of workpiece coordinate system is the workpiece zero. Workpiece zero point of the general selection principle: the workpiece zero on the size of the workpiece pattern reference, so that we can directly use the drawings marked with the size as a programming point coordinate values, reduce the calculation workload; Can easily install card, measurement and inspection of components; The workpiece zero point try to choose high dimensional accuracy, the workpiece surface roughness comparison lowlands, in order to improve the machining accuracy and consistency of the same parts; With symmetrical shape geometry parts, workpiece zero best choice on the center of symmetry. ( 8) Program origin for programming convenience, to choose a proper place on drawing as the origin program, and also called programming origin or zero. For simple parts, workpiece zero is zero, then the programming of coordinate system is the workpiece coordinate system. For complex shape parts, need to prepare a few procedures or subroutines, convenient for programming and reduce many coordinates calculation and programming doesn't necessarily in workpiece zero zero, and programming convenience location.
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