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CNC lathe machines for knife instrument common features and advantages

by:SNK     2020-08-31
CNC lathe machines for knife instrument common features and advantages of release time: 2017 - 03 - 08 clicks: 3007 times in the application of numerical control lathe in manufacturing process of product parts, there are many factors affecting the quality of parts, such as precision CNC machine tool, workpiece material, heat treatment, machining process, workpiece cooling fluid, cutting tool and so on many factors. Accurate setting, among them, cutting tool parameters have been seldom concern and attention by people, today to introduce numerical control lathe knife instrument common functional advantages. 1. Tool length/diameter update: the automatic measurement and parameters of cutting tool in the rotation length/diameter of the dynamic measurement, the measurement parameter contains a lathe spindle end to beat/radial runout error, resulting in the cutting tool in high speed machining & other; Dynamic & throughout; The offset value; At the same time, can at any time for cutting tool parameters automatic measurement, thus greatly eliminates due to machine tool thermal deformation caused by the cutting tool parameters & other; Change throughout the &; ; Measurement result automatically update to the corresponding parameter in the table of a tool, completely avoid human input parameters of dao and the potential risk. 2. Automatic monitoring tool wear/breakage: in the actual production process, when the tool wear or breakage ( Broken) When the operator found and corrected in time very hard, Especially in the smaller diameter drill tool) , leading to more losses even workpiece scrapped subsequent tools. Instrument use machines to the sword before after the tooling back knife library, automatically to a measuring tool length, can automatically in case of normal wear and tear and wear numerical updates to the knife damage parameters, in case of long wear can be as a tool breakage ( Broken) To choose to replace the new cutter for machining of the next or automatic stop alarm prompt the operator for cutting tool replacement. In this way, improve the product quality and reduce the loss of the cutting tool or scrap. 3. CNC lathe the thermal deformation of automatic compensation: machine tool production and processing, with the change of ambient temperature and the change of the working load, the thermal deformation of machine tool change happens all the time and then drive the cutting tool, the result is that the workshop within the same numerical control lathes in the early/middle/night work out product in the different periods of large size precision of volatility. Using machines to knife instrument, can at any time during the process of machining or cutting tool parameters automatic measurement and update, each measurement is under the current state of the machine tool thermal deformation of tool set, thus greatly reduced due to the introduction of machine tool thermal deformation error. 4. Contour measurement and monitoring: in special processing, such as molding tool, using closed cutter profile measurement of knife instrument and tool condition judgment is time consuming and complicated work, and at the same time for the operator to knife also requires a high degree of skill.
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