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CNC lathe factory share maintenance points of the CNC system

by:SNK     2020-08-24
CNC lathe manufacturer share maintenance points of the CNC system release date: 2017 - 07 - 27 clicks: 1, 2498 times to develop and execute strictly the daily maintenance of CNC system of rules and regulations according to the characteristics of different numerical control lathe, strictly for the daily maintenance of CNC system of rules and regulations, and to strictly implement in the use and manipulation. 2, should as far as possible open CNC ark cupboard door and high voltage ark cupboard door in the mechanical processing workshop often contain oil mist, dust in the air, once they fall into CNC system on the printed circuit board or electrical components, easy cause components of all is insulation resistance decreased, even cause the damage of circuit board or electrical components. Some users in order to make the numerical control system in the summer can overload long-term work, take the door of the open numerical control cabinet to heat dissipation, which is a highly desirable method, its ultimate will lead to damage of the acceleration of CNC system. So, in the work should be less as far as possible open numerical control cupboard and heavy current cabinet door. 3, timing, clear numerical control device of the cooling wind system, in order to prevent the nc device overheated cooling drafty system is to prevent the nc device overheated important device. Therefore, we should check the CNC everyday on the cooling fan operation is normal, once every half a year or quarter check air duct filters are blocking phenomenon, if there should be clear in time. If the filter dust accumulation is overmuch, not clear in time, will cause in numerical control cabinet temperature too high. 4, regular inspection and replacement of dc motor brush production before most of the nc machine tool USES the dc servo motor, there is a brush wear topics, the transition of the dc motor brush wear, will affect the performance of the motor, motor damage even. Therefore, to deal with motor brush for regular inspection and replacement. CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, machining center, etc. , should be checked once a year. 5 into the control system and the input/output unit regular maintenance of the control system into head cleaning device, the photoelectric reading machine maintenance. 6, often monitoring control devices with the grid voltage control system of power grid voltage have strict requirements for work. General nc machine tools to power grid voltage fluctuations in the range of 85% ~ 110% of rating, otherwise it will cause nc system can not work normally, even can cause damage of numerical control system of the internal electronic components. Therefore always detection power grid voltage, and control on the fixed value & ndash; Within 15% ~ + 10%. Regular inspection and replacement of the 7, storage battery, usually in the numerical control system part of the CMOS memory storage content in maintain when power is on battery power. General use lithium battery or nickel cadmium rechargeable battery. When the battery voltage drops to a certain value, can cause data loss, so the battery voltage should be inspected regularly. When the battery voltage drops to limit or battery voltage alarm, will replace the battery in time. Replacing the battery will make the numerical control system under the current status, this will not cause the loss storage parameters. Once the data is missing, after changing the battery needs to be entered parameter. In general, even failure, should also be replaced once a year, to ensure the system to work normally. 8, ordinary relay contactor control system maintenance and maintenance for economical nc machine tools and common relay contactor control system. Maintenance work is mainly how to take measures to prevent the high voltage ark contactor, relay, the topic of strong electromagnetic interference. Nc machine tools of high voltage ark of contactor, relay, etc. The interference sources of electromagnetic components are nc system. Because of ac contactor, frequent of ac motor start, stop, the control circuit of the electromagnetic induction phenomenon can make the CNC system produce the noise, such as peak or the wave surge interfere with the normal work of the system. Therefore, must to the electromagnetic interference measures, eliminated.
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