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CNC lathe control the selection of electrical appliances in the electric control system of interpretation

by:SNK     2020-08-22
The electric control system of electrical control for the CNC lathe interpret release date: 2020 - 05 - 26 clicks: 130 times the performance of the electrical control system of numerical control lathe is good or bad depends on the lathe electrical control mode, so that this machine tool is essentially a device to convert mechanical ability, and its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy needed for the machine processing technology. The electrical control in the control electrical appliances for the CNC lathe description: 1. Relay selection of relay is a kind of need through the change of the input signal to the control circuit of the electrical components to connect or disconnect the processing, the input to the relay is usually of voltage and current, as well as physical quantities such as temperature and pressure, and output for the corresponding contact action. General principles of the selection of relay request according to the specific environment of use required for selection, and then according to the characteristics of the input signal to determine the relay of the species, also can be input to the corresponding parameters selected, major can choose according to the circumstance of load relay different capacity and types. Different structural features and principle of the relay, the required input signals are completely different in nature, such as in the thermal relay is running through the heating relay, and relay is run by the effect of sound, so requires that the user needs to choose the kinds of relay according to the nature of the input signal. 2. Selection of transformer is to convert some numerical ac voltage to ac voltage of different values of different appliances, transformer concrete has the following several types: (1) three-phase transformer: generally, in the middle of the three-phase ac system of three-phase voltage change can be done through the use of three single transformer, can also be done by a three-phase transformer, so they need to optimize the three-phase transformer selection, and in the numerical control lathe, three-phase transformer is mainly to drive service system for power supply; (2) machine tool control transformer: this transformer is suitable for frequency in the 50 - 60 hz, and the input voltage is lower than 660 v circuit, usually as a variety of machine tools and machinery and equipment of general electric power control and stepper motor drives, and lamp voltage and the power of the local lighting. Selection of transformer principles mainly include: (1) standard transformer: this kind of transformer is often need to combined with the actual situation to choose primary rated voltage, and then in the choice of the secondary rated voltage, general need according to load condition to determine the rated current of each winding, and requires its current is equal to and greater than the load, but also shall, according to the voltage and current of the secondary transformer secondary rated capacity to choose corresponding; (2) the standard transformer: non-standard transformer need to select the corresponding primary rated voltage, the secondary winding voltage and current capacity, and the power frequency, etc. 3. Low voltage circuit breaker choose low voltage circuit breaker is also known as automatic air switch, is a kind of control and protection function combination of both electrical components. General mortgage circuit breaker not frequent on and off the circuit, the total power switch and local current switch, etc. , once appear, short circuit, overload and under voltage related failure, cut off, the circuit will effectively protect the series in the following electrical equipment, and after breaking cause of fault current, generally don't need to replace the parts. So the low voltage circuit breaker using more and more widely in CNC lathe. Low voltage breaker breaker selection principle is mainly in the field of low voltage circuit breaker rated current and voltage should be greater than or equal to the relevant lines and equipment normal working voltage and current. Mortgage circuit breaker under limit as well as the on-off of ability should be greater than or equal to the maximum short-circuit current, undervoltage tripping device at the same time with the rated voltage should be equal to rated voltage circuit, and over-current trip aspects of rated current shall be greater than or equal to the limits of the load current circuit. 4. Selection of contactor contactor is mainly used to control connected or breaking circuit and an automatic control electric load circuit, usually by electromagnetic arc extinguishing device and contact system, there are other related parts and so on several parts, its working principle is true after the coil is electrified, core aspects of electromagnetic suction of the armature and effectively, the armature is lead contact system, this causes the normally closed contact is disconnected, and some of the normally open contacts are closed. When associated with coil power, electromagnetic suction also disappear, armature usually under the reaction force of the spring is fully released, the contact system will be reset. Contactor selection principle is mainly combined with the contactor control current load work tasks required for the use of the contactor category to choose, there are two general contactor's rated voltage and 500 v and 300 v respectively the two, but for the sake of their greater than or equal to the load circuit of voltage, mainly through the motor power and related operations are needed to charge of current top to determine the contact of the contactor coil current type and voltage level and general control circuit, and to contact the specific number and variety of aspects you should try to meet the needs of circuit and control circuit.
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