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CNC lathe control object selection and requirements of the implementation

by:SNK     2020-08-22
CNC lathe control object selection and requirements of the implementation of the release date: 2016 - 07 - 13 clicks: 2123 times a choosing the numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe controlled object system for lathe control object: the spindle, feeding shaft, tool post, lubrication and cooling fluid. Second, the numerical control lathe numerical control lathe on the each control object its requirement for each control object is: 1, the spindle & ndash; — Speed within 0 ~ 1500 r/min to realize infinitely variable speed, and can achieve forward, reverse, at any time can stop, add, deceleration time is short, and can guarantee the stability of the movement in the process of lathe. 2, feed shaft & ndash; — Can control the X, Z axis movement, the smallest unit of instruction as follows: 0. 001 mm, can make high low speed conversion X and Z axis to realize rapid feed and work into. 3, head & ndash; — Can realize four station of automatic tool change and lock, motor control, tool change must be accurate. 4, cooling fluid & ndash; — To control the cooling fluid on and off. 5, lubrication & ndash; — Can realize automatic lubrication. Three, numerical control lathe for implementation of the control object request 1, the realization of nc lathe spindle of CNC lathe main movement is usually the rotary motion, no screw or other linear device. With the continuous improvement of productivity, the improvement of machine tool structure, and the processing scope expands, increasing the speed and power of the machine tool spindle; For the spindle speed range is constantly expanding; For the spindle of constant power constant speed range, also request thread cutting function of nc machine tools. The spindle of three-phase asynchronous motor is adopted for the main shaft drive, and simulation of the single polarity DC0 ~ 10 v voltage variable speed by frequency converter. Electricity, machine tool spindle forward button, the system to the output interface of X7 22 pin type in a low level, makes the relay KA3, absorption, in turn, relay KA3 normally open contact closure, inverter of S1, SC port through to make the spindle motor forward. Reverse button, the system to the output interface of X7 9 pin type in a low level, makes the relay KA4 suck, then relay KA4 normally open contact closure, at the same time, interface X7 22 pin displacement high level make KA3 normally open contacts open, inverter of S2, SC port for inversion of the spindle motor is connected. Spindle motor shaft is equipped with pulse encoder as speed and position detecting element. 2 the implementation of the numerical control lathe, numerical control lathe feed axis feed drive system including the feed axis servo motors and drives. Feed movement is based on the shape of the processed workpiece, maintain the relative position of workpiece and cutting tool. Feed movement driving power source of small power requirements, in order to ensure the required type generated by machining line and machining precision, feed shaft adopted the half closed loop system of servo motor to control, in the half closed loop system of the ac servo motor drive to receive the location of the instruction system, drive motor action position feedback system with the actual location of the position detection in machine tool components measured in comparison, after adjustment, the output of the corresponding position and speed control signal, drive of machine tool axis movement control of each axis servo system, make the correct tool to complete relative to the workpiece movement, work out the requirements of the workpiece contour. Nc machine tool feed system is by the servo motor through the gear to do linear motion ball screw drive the rest. 3, the realization of the automatic tool change CNC lathe tool rest of automatic tool changer with single-phase motor control. CNC automatic tool change system is an important component of machine tool. Rest for four stations are: 1, 2, 3, 4, each station signal corresponds to a tool in place. When signaling tool change system, CNC system to rest interface X4 pin 1 to enter a low level, makes the relay KA1 electric off, the normally open contact KA1 closed, the normally closed contact KA1 is opened, the rest are turning control contactor KM2 on 110 v ac power, KM2, absorption in knife motor positive rotation after access to electricity, drive worm reducer mechanism, screw lifting mechanism make the blade on the rise. When the blade rises up to a certain height, clutch wheel, drive the blade rotation. Letters at the top of the head plate corresponding to each tool to install a hall element SQ9, SQ10, SQ11, SQ12, when the blade rotation to a tool, the hall element on the tool and the magnetic induction on the tool carrier feedback tool signal to the system, CNC system will feedback tool signals with the command input tool, when the two signals at the same time, the instructions on the blade have been turning to the selected tool, or continue to rotate. Number to the selected knife, CNC system immediately to the interface of X4 pin 1 to enter a higher level to KA1 off, in turn, makes the tool rest stop rotating, and provide the interface X4 9 pin type in a low level, makes the KA2 electric off, the normally open contact KA2 close, normally closed contact KA2 open, tool post inversion of control contactor KM3 on 110 v ac power, KM3 or absorption, tool change motor reverse rotation after access to electricity, on under the action of the activity pin against, the worm drive the blade down, until the complete fine positioning plate mesh. Tool carriage motor reversal lock time is determined by the parameters required by the CNC system.
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