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CNC lathe are more widely used

by:SNK     2020-09-03
CNC lathes are widely used release date: 2019 - 05 - Author: small make up click: CNC lathe is currently one of the more widely used nc machine tools. It is mainly used for shaft parts or plate parts inside and outside the cylinder, taper Angle of inside and outside the cone surface, complex rotary inside and outside surface and cylindrical, conical thread cutting, and can carry out cutting, drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, etc. Nc machine tool is programmed according to the prior processing program, automatically to be processing parts processing. The parts processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the instruction code and program format prescribed by the CNC machine single written into the processing program. Numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control technology, numerical control lathe custom manufacturer is digital program control is realized by using computer technology. This technology by computer according to beforehand control storage procedure to perform the trajectory and the operation of the peripheral equipment of temporal logic control function. Because use computer to replace the original use of hardware logic circuit of nc device, the input operation instruction of storage, processing, computing, logic and the realization of the control function can be done through computer software, processing of micro instruction transmitted to the servo drive or hydraulic driven motor actuators drive equipment operation. Machine tools in place, based on the leveling in the free state, and then to locking anchor bolt equably. For ordinary machine tool, the level reading less than 0. 04/1000 mm, for high precision machine tools, level is less than 0. 02/1000mm。 When measuring installation accuracy, should be performed at constant temperature, measurement tools need to be used again after a period of time and temperature. Machine tool machine force when installation should be trying to avoid deformation of the installation method. Machine installation should not be removed in some parts of the machine tool casually, parts of remove the redistribution of internal stress may result in machine tool, which may effect the precision of machine tools. Numerical control lathe on startup, the motor current will be higher than the rated 5 - Six times, not only affect the service life of motor and consumes more electricity. System will stay in motor selection in the design of some allowance, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use process, sometimes at a lower or higher speed, so the frequency conversion reform is necessary. Frequency converter motor soft start can be realized, by changing the input voltage frequency to achieve the purpose of energy saving control of motor speed, and can provide equipment over current, over voltage, overload protection function.
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