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CK6150 nc lathe machining process

by:SNK     2020-08-24
CK6150 CNC lathe processing operation process release time: 2016 - 06 - 15 clicks: a 4135 times, CK6150 CNC lathe processing preparation machine either 1) Machine after the installation, ensure that the power supply voltage and frequency are correct, ground wire is firm, the circuit breaker switched on, check and close the door of the machine. 2) The total power switch key in the lock in clockwise rotate an Angle, and then through the total power switch. Headstock lubrication pump, motor start machine lights light up after several seconds. Note: for the first time either have to confirm the power phase sequence, the power phase sequence errors will cause a series of failure should not happen, such as: head dislocation, cooling pump not sheung shui, headstock without oil, hydraulic system build up pressure, moreover can cause damage of machine parts. 3) The machine on the operation panel & other; NC” Start button press, after a few seconds display bright, display information about location and instruction, a guide rail lubrication indicator, prompt guide rail lubrication pump is working, After a certain time automatically go out) The indicator lights on the keyboard, machining operations from full light to normal, according to tool and gear display monitor began to work. CNC system on electricity. Into a state machine work preparation. No matter any time, simply press the power button, NC NC system immediately under the electricity. Second, CK6150 input and check of the numerical control lathe processing program 1) Select edit state ( EDIT) 2) Input processing procedures, check input is correct ( When the input processing application note decimal input) 。 3) Press machine lock or empty run key, select automatic running state ( AUTO) , the start process, prove the validity of the program, paying special attention to observe whether the coordinates of the procedures section size is wrong! After the confirmation process correctly and be sure to cancel the empty machine to lock up and running. Three, CK6150 CNC lathe tool offset setting and process of the origin of 1) Select manual mode. 2) Install a good machining. 3) Installed processing procedures specified in the cutting tool. 4) Confirmed by trial cut method between the tool and benchmark tool offset value and placement within the knife repairing group number specified by the process ( Pay attention to the decimal point and the positive and negative) 。 Manual method of knife: a) Select a benchmark knife ( Hypothesis 1 #) 。 b) Manually move tool rest near 1 # knife will be moved to the workpiece, start the main shaft, manual cutting face, and left the artifacts, along the X axis will be relative coordinates W reset. c) Manual cutting cylindrical, then leave the workpiece along the Z axis direction, the relative position coordinates U reset. d) In the first ErBaDao tool post will be moved to the area. e) Will be the first ErBaDao point to to the end, the relative coordinates W has a value of the offset value of the knife. f) Will be the first ErBaDao point to to the cylindrical and the relative coordinates of U value for the offset of the knife. g) Repeat d— — F process until the complete set of tool offset. 5) Try to cut the workpiece and standard tool as the benchmark, manually move the tool post to G50 instruction set of coordinates ( G50 setting value and measured value of the difference between the distance of moving) 。 Four, CK6150 automatic CNC lathe processing out of the current job program, select automatic operating mode, select the appropriate feed ratio and quick ratio, according to the cycle start button and start automatic processing. Suggestion: first should choose low quick ratio when processing, and use the single program function, in this way, can reduce the knife error caused by the program and waste. Five, CK6150 CNC lathe tool offset adjustment after the first processing measure each processing parts size, modify the offset value of each knife, and then processing the second, rapid recovery rate after confirm size and correct. Processing of all parts.
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