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CK6150 explains the steps of fault diagnosis are CNC lathe manufacturer

by:SNK     2020-08-29
CK6150 CNC lathe manufacturer to explain in detail the steps of fault diagnosis are released time: 2015 - 07 - 15 clicks: 3023 times whether in which a fault, fault diagnosis of nc lathe general steps are the same. When nc machine tool failure occurs, unless there is a dangerous and nc machine tools or personal safety emergency, generally do not shut off the power supply, as far as possible to maintain the original state of the machine tool is changeless, and the phenomenon of some signals and recorded, it mainly includes: (1) detailed records of fault phenomenon; (2) the failure mode of operation and content; (3) the failure number and failure indicator display content; (4) failure state and the location of the machine parts; (5) any other accident factors, such as a sudden power outage, perimeter portion of the voltage fluctuation is bigger, thunder, water, etc. CK6150 nc lathe in the event of failure, the first to calm, according to the fault condition to conduct a comprehensive analysis, determine the methods and means of find fault source, then systematically and purposefully carefully step by step, not anxious to begin, with saw part of the phenomenon and the subjective check up. Fault diagnosis according to the following steps in general. ( 1) Details about the fault. For example, when the numerical control machine tool chatter, vibration or overshoot phenomenon, to clarify all occur in shaft or a shaft; If it is a shaft, it is the whole or a certain position; Is a movement occurs or only in rapid, feed a velocity, acceleration or deceleration of a state. In order to further understand the failure condition, preliminary inspections to the CNC machine, and check on screen display content, failure indicator, status indicator in the control cabinet etc. When the fault condition 7 allows best boot test, observe the failure condition in detail. ( 2) According to the situation of failure analysis, narrow range, to determine the source of trouble to find the direction and means. Thorough knowledge of fault phenomenon, the next step according to the location of fault phenomena analysis possible. Some fault less contact with other parts, easy to determine the search direction, and some of the cause of the problem a lot, it is difficult to use simple method to determine the source of trouble to find direction, this is canvassed the nc machine tool information, find out various factors related to the fault, determine several search direction, and find one by one. ( 3) Situated in fault source lookup. Troubleshooting general from easy to difficult, step by step from outside to inside. The so-called difficulty, including technical complexity and remove the ease of assembly. Technical complexity refers to judge whether the fault exists. In the process of fault diagnosis, first should check can be close to or directly through a simple disassembly can check those parts, then check the need for close to only after the removal of a lot of work and check those parts.
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