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CK6150 CNC lathe cooling system is introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-24
CK6150 CNC lathe cooling system introduced release date: 2015 - 12 - 14 clicks: 3156 times CK6150 CNC lathe cooling systems are indispensable, tool cooling of the cooling system, control the friction and reduce tool wear and help clearance, to improve the quality of processing surface. Machine tool of the cooling system is divided into two parts: the workpiece cooling cooling and electric spindle. 1. Workpiece cooling: cooling fluid from centrifugal pumps can be divided into two after the road, all the way directly to the workpiece cover on the nozzle, the other all the way to the nozzle to the district of grinding workpiece spindle hole. Through with chip cooling fluid in the grinding zone by the bed behind the outlet pipe flow back to the cooler, after filter and the role of the diaphragm, the filtering and continue to use the coolant after precipitation. Machine cooling fluid box is an integral part of the machine tool in machining, machine tool coolant is the simplest form of general precipitation tank add baffle plate, and the water pump. Grinding machine used in machine tool coolant tank generally adopts the water tank, water pump and the magnetic separator, filter paper tape machine, centrifugal filter, the combination of hydraulic separator, etc. Of the machine tool, the coolant used in machining center box usually use water tank, high pressure pumps, chain plate chip removal machine, drum scraper chip removal machine, refrigerator, skimming machines, precision filters or combination of bag filter, etc. 2. Electric spindle cooling; Grinding machine is high speed machine tools, spindle speed is high, the need to configure the special spindle. High-speed motorized spindle as the core component of high-speed machine tools, is also the main heat source of this kind of machine tool. In the high speed machine tools, machine tool spindle unit stiffness of each parts and precision are high, are less work load, motorized spindle machining error caused by cutting force is small. In the high speed machining, will use the motorized spindle is the best choice, the structure and performance of great advantage. However, motorized spindle motor of fever and bearing friction heat is inevitable, and the resulting thermal deformation if not handled properly, will seriously the machining accuracy of machine tools. Therefore, in the high speed machining, hot state characteristics of motorized spindle become one of the main factors affecting machining precision, and directly restrict the electric spindle speed increase. Motorized spindle stator after most of the heat produced in electricity. In order to make the work under the normal temperature of the spindle, the spindle must pass into the coolant, with circulation cooling liquid quickly take away the heat generated by the motor, maintain uniform temperature distribution adjustment of motorized spindle unit shell. Add this, equipped with appropriate cooling system is necessary. Machine tool spindle system USES the common cooling methods - of high-speed motorized spindle - The rise of temperature of the water to reduce the main shaft system. Machine tool tank commonly used in refrigerator also calls the cutting surface is machine, general by type and form of immersion. The immersion type cutting liquid cooling pause to note the following: coil immersion depth near the tank bottom as far as possible; When the design considering regurgitate high temperature liquid heat transfer through the cooling coil; Should pay attention to water tank water level changes before and after pump start-up. Through huai cooling type cutting machine has the following characteristics: without being limited by the installation position and height, for minor impurities can pass, not easy jam; The machining precision of prevent liquid temperature is too high; Reduce the evaporation of liquid tank and reduce air pollution. Cooling fluid by the centrifugal pump inlet directly to the spindle after removal, motive power stator cooling. Coolant flow can be determined by calculation of calorific value of main motor. Spindle outlet and cooling of flow signal connection box, only after the return water flow make annunciator circuit connected machine tool to move up the spindle. Once the cooling water, spindle and hydraulic pump motor will stop running, realize to protect water supplies. Must realize the protection methods: electric spindle in the cooling liquid level switch and air pressure switch at the same time meet the requirements under the condition of running, once appear, cooling liquid level is low or when air pressure is insufficient, grinding wheel stop running immediately.
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