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CK6140 numerical control lathe on the longitudinal feed system requirements

by:SNK     2020-09-03
CK6140 numerical control lathe to the requirement of longitudinal feed system release date: 2016 - 10 - 28 clicks: 2380 times CK6140 CNC lathe feed system design needs to change the main part of the hanging wheel rack, feed box reconstruction projects, slip board, rest is not the only one. Here is one solution: hanging wheel rack system: the original hang round all demolition, photoelectric pulse generator at the original hanging wheel drive shaft. Feed box part: the original feed box all dismantled and installed at the longitudinal feed stepper motor and gear reducer, gear box connected ball screw, ball screw on the other side of the bearing seat is installed on the lathe tailstock side the original and the part of the bearing. Slip board box parts: remove the original ball screw nut, a modified ball screw nut pair, will feed stepper motor and gear reducer assembly installed in the back of my apron and connected to the ball screw. Head: dismantling the original tool post, modified automatic rotary square head assembly. Here, a horizontal CK6140 CNC lathe of the feed system requirements: overall scheme design should consider the type of machine tool numerical control system, the selection of the computer, and transmission way and the selection of the actuator. After 1, ordinary lathe numerical control transformation should have orientation, vertical and horizontal linear interpolation and circular interpolation function, can also require suspended, for processing and thread processing cycle and so on, therefore, the numerical control system choose the continuous control system. 2, CK6140, numerical control lathe numerical control modified belongs to the economical nc machine tools, on the premise of guarantee machining accuracy should simplify structure, lower costs, therefore, feed servo system is controlled by step motor open loop system. 3, according to the requirements of the system function, in addition to the CPU in computer numerical control system, including extension program storage, extended data memory, I/O interface circuit; Can include input processing program and control command of the keyboard, can display processing of data and the machine tool state information display, including photoelectric isolating circuit and stepper motor drive circuit, in addition, the system should also include the screw thread processing used in the photoelectric pulse generator and other auxiliary circuit. 4, longitudinal feed is a set of independent transmission chain, they are made up of stepping motor, gear, screw nut pair, its transmission ratio machine tools required to meet the resolution. 5, in order to keep the transmission precision and stability of servo system, the selection of friction small, high transmission efficiency of the ball screw nut pair, and should be preloaded institutions, in order to improve the transmission stiffness and eliminate clearance, gear pair is also due to eliminate backlash. 6,, the pasting model of guide rail as to reduce the friction of guide rail.
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