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CK6140 CNC lathe spindle and component analysis of the performance requirements

by:SNK     2020-08-25
CK6140 CNC lathe spindle and performance requirements of the component analysis of release time: 2015 - 07 - 10 clicks: 1 4121 times CK6140, rotating precision CNC lathe spindle rotation accuracy refers to the assembly, with no load, low speed conditions, the end of workpiece and tool parts of the radial runout and axial runout. The rotation of the spindle component precision mainly depends on the major parts, such as main shaft, bearing, casing hole manufacturing, assembly and adjustment precision. Also depends on the spindle speed, supporting the design and performance of lubricant and the balance of the spindle components. General ( Including CNC) The rotating precision of machine tool for standard rules to follow. 2, the static stiffness CK6140 CNC lathe spindle component static stiffness ( Stiffness) Reflect the component's ability to fight static load deformation. There are many factors influencing the spindle component of bending stiffness, such as the size and shape of the main shaft, rolling bearing type, number, configuration form and tight, and support the distance and the amount of overhanging end, transmission parts arrangement, the spindle component manufacturing and assembly quality, etc. All kinds of machine tool spindle component stiffness there is no unified standard. 3, vibration resistance, CK6140 shock generated when CNC lathe spindle components work can reduce the workpiece surface quality and tool life, shorten the spindle bearing life, also can produce noise affect the environment. Vibration of forced vibration and self-excited vibration in two forms. Are the major factors influence the vibration resistance of the static stiffness of the spindle components, mass distribution and damping ( Especially before the spindle support damping) The natural frequencies of the spindle should be far greater than the frequency of the exciting force, to make it not easy to resonate. At present, has not yet set vibration resistance index, only some experimental data for reference in design. 4, heat and thermal deformation CK6140 CNC lathe spindle component at work because of the relative motion of the friction and mixing oil and fever, temperature rise, so that the shape and the location of the spindle component change ( The thermal deformation) 。 The spindle component thermal elongation, make the change bearing clearance. The temperature is lower the viscosity of lubricating oil, reduce the bearing capacity. Spindle box deformation due to temperature rise, the spindle deviates from the correct position. Before and after the temperature of the bearing is different, can also lead to the spindle axis tilt. Due to heat expansion is the nature of the intrinsic material, so the high precision machine tools to further improve the machining precision, often heat deformation limit. Study how to reduce the fever spindle components, how to control the temperature, is one of the main topics of the research of high precision machine tool spindle components. 5, wearability CK6140 CNC lathe spindle component wear resistance is the ability to keep the original precision for a long time, namely accuracy stable. Affecting the accuracy of the first bearing, and the second is placed knife, fixture and the part of the workpiece, such as cone hole, centering trunnion, etc. In order to improve the wear resistance, on general machine tools spindle part of the above shall be hardened to HRC60, about 1 mm deep. 6, materials and heat treatment after CK6140 numerical control lathe spindle bearing allows elastic deformation is small, usually caused by stress far small ultimate strength of steel. Therefore, strength is generally not as the basis of material selection. Spindle shape, size was determined, material stiffness depends mainly on the elastic modulus. Various materials elastic modulus is almost the same, so the stiffness is not the basis of material selection. Mainly according to the choice of main shaft material abrasion resistance and heat treatment deformation to consider. Common machine tool materials are usually high quality medium carbon steel 45 or 60, nc machine tools to be quenched and tempered.
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