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CK6140 CNC lathe regulated power supply and system program lock fault case analysis

by:SNK     2020-08-29
CK6140 CNC lathe regulated power supply and system program lock fault case analysis release date: 2015 - 09 - 22 clicks: 3015 times a regulated power supply malfunction, CK6140 CNC lathe CNC lathe machine lights suddenly not bright at run time, machine tool operation panel light is not bright, system power supply is normal, stop alarm system at the same time, and the spindle no signal. The electricity failure still goes up afresh after shutdown. Failure analysis check: by asking operators at the time, no irregularities, eliminate human factor, can eliminate the mechanical reasons, should be electrical failure cause. The elementary electrical diagram of the machine tool shows that these area are losing electricity and 24 v, and the machine has two regulated power supply, one is the I/O interface power supply, another for power supply system. Losing electricity areas associated with I/O interface, then open the electric cabinet observed the I/O interface regulated power supply indicator fails to light, show that the power supply fails to work normally or damage. Know from the working principle of stabilized voltage supply, regulated power supply with current short circuit and overload protection function, when the power supply when short circuit or overload automatically shut off the power output, in order to protect the power supply circuit is not damaged. So try to focus the power of the output load line is removed, the results found after electric power indicator light on again. This suggests that the power supply itself is not damaged. Through the analysis that the power supply for I/O interface power supply, the load is not big, also do not appear overload phenomenon, should be the output circuit of short circuit fault. Along the output wire size inspection found to have the + 24 v output thread joint show from the insulating tape and access to the machine tool bed body. For obvious reasons: due to the line and machine tools to ground short circuit, caused the regulated power supply in the ego to protect state, makes the operation panel and relay to the I/O interface power supply stopped, causing a failure. As for the inverter alarm May 24 v or not at all send out alarm signal. Solution: the layup with insulating tape to wrap, back to electricity boot all troubleshooting, alarm lights are lit. Second, CK6140 nc lathe system program lock fault a nc car, equipped with FANUC - 0i- Mate system to input value parameters such as against the knife, can't edit program, accompanied by the police. Failure analysis examination: this phenomenon first thought of program protection switch, by comparing the normal system discovery: like the phenomenon of the system is locked. So doubt system lock switch is out of order, but after a short answer, still cannot solve the problem. By observing the fault system of ladder diagram found X56 input point no signal input, shows that the input line open circuit. Along this line, using a multimeter to check, found behind the operation panel to choose shaft switch falls off thrum, joint line can't input signals, PLC logic relationship is not correct, the above problems. Solution: use a soldering iron soldering put off thrum to welding, alarm, parameter input, normal fault disappear.
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